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Global Reseller Program
Conclude Sales Fast
Reduce Support Cost
Get Recurring Profit
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Welcome to TimeTec Global Reseller Program, a well-tailored effective program that helps resellers ride on the trend of Cloud computing and embrace a great opportunity for growth. The program is brief and straightforward with clear objectives; to conclude sales in no time, and to reduce support cost for a more profitable operation. Get all the resources you need from the 8 cloud applications, and make your involvement with TimeTec fulfilling and rewarding.
1 Ample free trial period where TimeTec offers up to 30 days no-obligation free trial to prospective customers, providing them with generous amount of time to carry out feasibility study.
2 Each customer gets some free licenses for life, a strategy to attract and ensure confidence in them and eventually initiate sales for you.
3 One reseller platform and a single sign-on medium for different TimeTec applications for monitoring and management of your customers’ accounts, statuses and you can also review your earning details all at once.
4 Event Sponsorship Program is available to provide you with marketing support.
5 Professional looking sales and marketing materials like presentation kits, sample proposals and etc made available at TimeTec marketing resource center that you can access online.
6 Strong support platform to back you up with e-learning, webinars, technical troubleshooting tips, 24/7/365 technical support, and a lot more without additional cost to sustain your customers and eliminate support cost.
7 Wide multilingual availability that includes English, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish and many more to cater to different language preferences around the world.
8 Auto-matchmaking platform designed to connect you with the prospective customers in your region.
9 Auto-mailer system that can assist you in following up your sales and reduce the cost of sales.
Added Advantages
Zero investments
Income generating even when you're asleep
20 - 40% and life long profit sharing
Recurring subscription sales
Prepayment terms & absence of bad debt
Easy to support
Suitable Program Applicants
IT companies
Workforce management system providers
Security products vendors
Individual agents who want extra money
How to Become a TimeTec Reseller?
Visit , choose either TimeTec Suite A or Suite B cloud applications (or both) that you're interested in. Fill up the online partner program form and submit
Visit and tap on our Marketing Resource Center to help you in sales and marketing
Start your cloud business and enjoy the benefits of TimeTec Global Reseller Program
TimeTec Cloud Solutions
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Guard Tour Management System
Talent Recruitment System
Employee Leave Management System
Visitor Management System
Mobile Workforce Management System
Cloud Surveillance System
Smart Residential Community
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