User’s Clocking History - Added Photo Attachment column
In recent release, we’ve enhanced the Clocking History page in every user’s account by adding a new column for Photo Attachment. Generally, when camera function is enabled in the Mobile App settings, users have an option to capture a photo as attachment during individual Attendance Clocking or Supervisor Clocking.

Subsequently, to view the attached photo, Admins can go to Device > Data Audit List. However, users themselves may also wish to view this file; so we’ve added this to their Clocking History page, whereby they can now click on the image icon in the Photo Attachment column.

a. Clocking icon on Menu – Select to view Clocking History
b. Clocking History - Added Photo Attachment column
c. View Photo Attachment
  Rearranged options in the Switch Application window
For those who have activated more than one of our TimeTec solutions, you probably know that once you’ve logged in, you can easily switch from one solution to another by proceeding to the Switch Application menu (right end of menu bar). Besides the applications that the company has already activated, you can also find other TimeTec solutions that we have to offer for a free trial. We’ve re-arranged the options to follow the sequence as listed below.
I. Profile
III. Leave
IV. Access
V. Patrol
  Report Scheduler - Added option for ‘Daily Attendance Listing’
Next up, we’ve added the ‘Daily Attendance Listing’ to the list of reports that can be exported through the Scheduler function.
a. Settings page at Report > Scheduler > Add/Edit
b. Recipients will receive email containing the link for the Daily Attendance Listing Report
  Enhancement of Attendance Sheet - New ‘Highlight Attendance’ function
Do you sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between day types when going through the Attendance Sheet listing? On any given day, your company could potentially have different users that are either working, on their Restday/Offday or having a regional holiday.

To cater for this and make it easier for Admins to review attendance, we’ve recently added a ‘Highlight Attendance’ button in the Attendance Sheet. When clicked on, the different day types will be highlighted in different colours for easier differentiation (click again to remove highlight). The colour used for each day type is preset as follows:

i. Workday - No Highlight
ii. Restday - Pink
iii. Holiday - Blue
iv. Offday - Grey
Additionally, you can also view the same colour highlights used in the display for Customise User Duty Roster.
a. Attendance Sheet - Added ‘Highlight Attendance’ icon
b. Customise User Duty Roster
  Report Updates
This February, we bring the following updates for Report:
a. Overtime Approval Worksheet Report - New UI Update
b. Name List Report - Added option to retrieve Mobile ID
i. Select option for Mobile ID
ii. Mobile ID column will be added to the Name List report
  Export Attendance to Payroll - New Payroll Type for Malaysia: Sage Payroll
In the application, the ‘Export Attendance to Payroll’ feature shows a list of payroll options available according to country. By selecting this, you can export attendance data directly into an output file that has been customised to match the payroll requirements. This month, we’ve added a new payroll type for Malaysia: Sage Payroll. To access this option, please ensure that your country is set to Malaysia in the Company Profile settings.
a. ‘Export Attendance to Payroll’ menu – Added Sage Payroll
b. Sage Payroll - Select Settings
c. Exported txt file
TimeTec TA App Update

1. Home (Admin’s Dashboard)
      Enhancement in Dashboard to cater for employees' attendance overview during Holiday.

    i. Single Holiday
        No Clocking by any User.
    Chart will be displayed if there is at least one User Clocking during Holiday.
    ii. Multiple Holidays
        If there are multiple holidays on that day, an ellipsis indicator ( … ) will be added. Tap on Holiday name to view the details.
2. Wifi
      Added 2 different icons to indicate the User Assignment method for each Wifi Checkpoint: by User or by Division.
    Refer to the Wifi Settings UI below, which displays a list of Wifi Checkpoints and the corresponding User Assignment method icon (right side of the screen).
3. General
      (iOS) SDK upgrade from 12.0 to 12.1
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