New Feature Release: Attendance Approval
Exciting news for Admins! When it comes to working hour calculations and payroll matters, we understand how it pays to be extra careful. This may even mean that as a control measure, you regularly require all managers to recheck and acknowledge the attendance data that you’re exporting from the system. If that’s the case for you, don’t miss out on our new Attendance Approval feature that will help automate your Approval process. Even better, the Approval function can be performed by Admins on both Web and Mobile platforms for added convenience.

It all works this way:

i. Enable this option in System Settings- Attendance Approval allows Admin to make approval on staff attendance.

ii. Go to Attendance > Attendance Approval- Admin with the special Approval rights (provided in System Role) will be able approve attendance. Approved attendance can be unapproved.

iii. Admin can also choose to notify the users once they have approved/unapproved the users’ attendance.

iii. Only approved attendance can be exported through the Export Attendance & Export Attendance to Payroll features.

iv. Once approved, the data is not allowed to be updated by edit attendance, download data from terminal, update user’s group roster, update schedule setting, generate attendance manually and etc.

vi. To update approved attendance, users must first proceed to unapprove the attendance.

For more details of what’s available with this feature, please refer to the screenshots below:

a. System Settings - Enable/Disable Attendance Approval

b) Attendance Approval Menu
c) System Role - Attendance Approval Right
  i) Admins given right to “Approve” are allowed to approve attendance in Web
  ii) Admins given right to “Approve” are allowed to approve attendance in Mobile app
d) Attendance Approval User Listing - Click on the Clock icon to view the attendance details of the user and to approve or unapprove the attendance
e) Attendance Approval - Attendance details of user
  i) “Approve” button will be shown when all attendances are unapproved
  ii. “Unapprove” button will be shown when all attendances are approved
  iii. Both buttons will be shown when the attendances are a mix of approved and unapproved
f) Attendance Approval Email
  i. Approved
  i. Unapproved
g) Attendance Approval Notification/td>
  i. Approved
  ii. Unapproved
h) Report - Electronic Time Card
  i. Approved
  ii. Pending Approval
  iii. Export Attendance - Only approved attendances will be able to be exported
  iv. Export Detail
  v. Export Summary
j) Export Attendance Scheduler - Only approved attendances will be able to be exported.
k) Export Attendance to Payroll - Only approved attendances will be able to be exported.
l) Attendance (User View)
  Report Scheduler - New reports: “Job Cost Analysis” & “Mobile Location Tracking Report”
Next up, we’ve added 2 more reports that can be exported through the Scheduler function.

a) Job Cost Analysis Report

b) Mobile Location Tracking Report
c) Recipient will receive the email for Job Cost Analysis Report
d) Recipient will receive the email for Mobile Location Tracking Report
  Manage User - Organization Structure Auto-Matching whenever you ‘Import User’
TimeTec TA comes with a batch ‘Import User’ function thus allowing Admins to import user information from .xlsx or .txt files.

For the .xlsx file, if you have multiple divisions, you could also set up Organization Structure (e.g. Sales & Marketing, Production and etc.) in advance, then import user lists in separate sheets, according to the divisions. During import, by selecting the appropriate Organization Structure value for each sheet, users will be directly imported into their division.

In our latest release, we’ve improved this by providing auto-matching for the Organization Structure value. If you’ve already named the separate sheets by divisions, then you no longer have to select the Organization Structure in Field Matching module. The system will automatically match that sheet to the corresponding division in your structure. Below are some of the screenshots for reference:

a) Organization Structure Auto-Matching

b) Error Message - When unable to perform Organization Structure Auto-Matching

(e.g. Due to similar names within Organization Structure)

  Manage User - Description Update
On the same Manage User page, we’ve also enhanced the Introduction/Description. This is to brief Admins on how they can update basic user details and provide a reminder to switch to TimeTec Profile for more advanced changes.

For example, user’s contact details are not available if you click Edit on this screen. It can only be accessed from the full profile when you are using TimeTec Profile.

a) Description

b) Switch to TimeTec Profile (App Change window)
c) TimeTec Profile > Users > Manage User > Edit
d) TimeTec Profile - Full Profile
  Organized filter options for viewing Attendance
For viewing attendance at Attendance/Archive, we’ve also re-arranged and optimized the performance of the filter options.

a. Attendance

b) Attendance Archive
  FingerTec Terminal - Terminal Automation
The Terminal Automation feature within our application allows you to automate the process of downloading and uploading new users from FingerTec Terminal to TimeTec TA and vice versa. With this, Admins can set a timer to trigger the process for selected terminals and enable Auto-create User Profile to automatically add the users into TimeTec TA. Thereafter, Admins can also enable an option to automatically upload users into other pre-set terminals.

Over here, we’ve just added a new caution/hint for “Auto Sync Data” to ensure that you are using the optimal settings.

a. Added confirmation message when user enable “Auto Sync Data”

b) Updated the tooltip for Auto Sync Data
  New feature: Shopping cart for Devices
You’re probably aware that we offer a variety of devices for clocking that will complement TimeTec’s system. In order to display our products better, we’ve also recently added a cart button that opens up an Order Device form. With this, you can also easily reach us for enquiries or to place your orders.

a. Cart button on Menu bar (Admin View)

b) Cart button on Menu bar (User View)
c) Order device pop-up
d) Successful order pop-up
  TimeTec TA App Update
1. New Feature: Attendance Approval
  ● Admin login > Menu > Attendance > Approval icon on the left of User Listing
  ● User’s Attendance Details > Filter for Date Range > Select “Approve” icon
  ● Option to notify user
  ● Approved Attendance Details > May also choose to “Unapprove”
  ● Confirmation message & Notification option
  ● Notification for User
2. Notification - Memo
  ● New UI for Memo
3. Home
  ● Displays tardiness time duration
4. Attendance
  ● Added Leave Type information
5. Settings - General
  ● Separation of Contact Us and Website button
6. General
  ● Change Password feature for first time login
  ●  System will automatically remember user by default, thus ‘Remember Me’ option has been removed.
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Note: Some of the screenshots viewed here might be different from the ones in the current system due to our continous effort to improve TimeTec from time to time.