Data Audit List Optimisation - Enhanced filtering option
To optimise performance of the Data Audit List page and to make it easier to retrieve the required data, we’ve recently made some upgrades as follows:
a. Added option to filter Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Payroll Cycle, and Last Payroll Cycle, so that users don’t need to select date range manually.
b. Added option to filter User ID, with a drop-down list, to reduce processing time.
c. User can also directly type User ID or Name in ‘TimeTec User ID/Name’ box.
d. Optimised data processing.
  Added 'Try Me' option in Application Change window
For those who have activated more than one of our TimeTec solutions, you probably know that once you log in, you can easily switch from one to another by going to the Application Change menu (right end of menu bar). In February, we’ve tweaked this section so besides applications the company has already activated, now you can also find the other TimeTec solutions that we have to offer and if you’re interested in any, just click on ‘Try Me’ at any time for a free trial. The updates include:
b. ‘COMPANY APPLICATIONS’ are subscribed applications.
c. ‘OTHER TIMETEC APPLICATIONS’ are other applications available for subscription.
d. Users can activate application by clicking on ‘Try Me’.
  Export Attendance to Payroll - New Payroll Type for Australia: Attache Payroll
In the application, the Export Attendance to Payroll feature shows a list of payroll options available according to country. By selecting this, you can export attendance data directly into an output file that has been customised to match the payroll requirements. This month, we’ve added a new payroll type for Australia: Attache Payroll. To access this option, please ensure that your country is set to Australia in the Company Profile settings.
a. ‘Export Attendance to Payroll’ menu – Added Attache Payroll
b. Support Job Cost
c. The output of Attache Payroll in xlsx format
  Added Technical Tips for Rostering
Next up, we’ve also added links to Technical tips at both ‘Assign Schedules and Users into Roster’ and ‘Customise User Duty Roster’. Please click at the Tips icon to receive more information on how to use features on each page.
a. Assign Schedules and Users into Roster
b. Customise User Duty Roster
  Admin Dashboard – Status for non-assigned devices hidden from Terminal Group Admin’s Dashboard
Recently, we introduced a feature called ‘Terminal Group’ that caters for companies with terminals in various sites which are managed by different people respectively. Instead of displaying the full list of terminals to all these Admins, you can use this to form appropriate terminal groups and for each, pick only the necessary personnel as Group Administrator. This will then restrict the list of terminals they can view and have rights to control in the system.

In our latest release, we’ve updated the Admin Dashboard to hide Device Connection Status for terminal(s) that do not belong to a Group Administrator’s assigned terminal group.

  TimeTec TA App Update
1. Report
  ● UI enhancement
2. Home
  ●  Display extended break data from Dashboard
3. Clocking
  ●  Added Geofence location listing in Map for user reference
4. Attendance
  ●  Always show OT Hours
5. General
  ●  Handling of Adaptive Icon for Android 8.0 and above
  i)  Before
  ii)  After
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Note: Some of the screenshots viewed here might be different from the ones in the current system due to our continous effort to improve TimeTec from time to time.