Added ‘Tardiness Report by Date’ in Report Scheduler
In the month of June, we’ve introduced a new report: ‘Tardiness Report by Date’. You can refer to our previous newsletter for more details. Subsequently, in July we’ve just added this report to the Report Scheduler.
   i. Report Scheduler- Added ‘Tardiness Report by Date’ in menu selection
   ii. Recipient will receive the email sent by scheduler
  Enhancement of Admin Dashboard
To provide a more comprehensive view and analysis of user’s attendance, we’ve recently enhanced the information displayed on the Admin dashboard. The updates are as listed below:
   a. Enhancement of Overview Chart for Single User View
For a single/individual user, you can now choose to view information for a preferred date range.
   b. Updates for Restday

i. Changed the Category name from “Restday/Offday” to “Restday”

ii. Added ‘Last Clocking’ column to Restday

   c. Changed ‘Last Clocking’ Date & Time Format

Changed display to another format, for example: "04/10 Fri 10:10 AM". (Applies to No Clocking attendance type as well).

   d. Removed "Last Clocking" Column for Yesterday and Earlier Dates
  Manage Terminal- Disable Sync button when Terminal is in Active Sync
This next update is for those using FingerTec terminals in TimeTec TA. At any point in time when the terminal is undergoing an Active Sync process, to avoid disruption and delay, the Sync buttons at Manage Terminal will be temporarily disabled and only reinstated after the download is complete.

Please refer to the screenshots below for more information.
   a. Manage Terminal > 'Download User' & 'Delete User'

i. Terminal Sync’s ‘Last Updated’ Date & Time is displayed for reference.

ii. Sync button is disabled when the terminal is in Active Sync

   b. Manage Terminal > 'Download Terminal Data' & 'Terminal Info'

i. Terminal Syncing message will be displayed if one of the selected terminal is in Active Sync.

   c. Notification will be added when terminal Sync is Complete
  TimeTec Profile Updates
1. Added New section: Certifications
With TimeTec Profile, the HR department has a place to centralize all employees’ information, making it easier for authorized personnel to access. Furthermore, all TimeTec users are also able to view their own profile, be it from the Mobile App or the Web application. They can then provide feedback, helping to ensure that employee records are accurate. Such information is certainly more valuable when it’s up to date, from the emergency contact details to the talent and skills profile.

Recently, in TimeTec Profile, we’ve added Certifications as a new section. Admins can now fill in the list of certification the employees have achieved and also upload a certificate file over here. The supported file type is “.jpg”, “.png”, “.bmp”, “.pdf”, “.docx” and “.doc”.

Please refer to the sample screenshots below for further details:
   a. TimeTec Profile Admin Login – Edit Certifications

Go to User > Manage User > Edit > Certifications. Admin can fill in a Certification name and upload a certificate file in this section.

   b. Both Admin & User Login- Download Certificate

Certificate file can be downloaded by pressing the download button.

   c. Mobile App – View/Download Certificate
TimeTec TA App Update
1. Admin Home
      Updated single user graph analysis in Dashboard.
2. General
      UI enhancement for Search module.
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.
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