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Time, Attendance & Scheduling
TimeTec TA Strengthens Workforce Management with Cloud Technology

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution that brings workforce management to a whole new level. Data is now stored safely in the web allowing you the means of viewing the performances of your staff from anywhere, at anytime. With an Internet connection you will be able to login and gain access to features that will tackle any workforce issues such as monitoring and tracking staff’s attendance and whereabouts, create and manage effective scheduling by using multiple scheduling templates, and generate reports automatically.

For greater productivity, mobile applications for your smartphones and tablets can be downloaded and installed to allow both employer and staff to access TimeTec’s features. The mobile app allows employees to clock-in their attendance and check their attendance and clocking data history. Managing your staff can be difficult even for small companies especially for those with disciplinary issues among staff members.

TimeTec TA is the preventive step for tardiness, absenteeism, and other counterproductive work behaviour through its automated time attendance system, making it easy for companies to assess and evaluate the performance of each individual employee.

TimeTec Profile
Attendance Management
Provides a complete view of employees’ attendance in real-time.
Employee Management
Stores and manages employees’ profile, login information, hierarchy, etc.
Schedules & Rosters Management
Allow set up of working time schedules, rosters and company’s leave types.
Report & Payroll
Offers 31 pre-configured reports and allows data to be exported directly to payroll.
Easy integration
Provides flexibility to export attendance data to third party software.
TimeTec Mobile
Offers mobile solution for employees to report and view their attendance.
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TimeTec is available in 20 languages; on web and mobile app.
English • Spanish • Indonesian • Malay • Chinese Traditional • Chinese Simplified • Thai • Arabic
Vietnamese • German • Portuguese • Hindi • Japanese • Turkish and more...
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TimeTec Mobile tracks and manages attendance on your mobile, the perfect fit for today's lifestyle.

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Easy Attendance Clocking with Time Beacon
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What Is Time Beacon?
Time Beacon is a battery powered device that taps on Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, a protocol that is embedded in most smartphones, tablets and other devices of today.

Users can scan the nearby Time Beacon for attendance clocking activities on TimeTec TA through BLE-enabled smartphones installed with TimeTec TA App.

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Clocking Options
Install Time Beacon or any generic Beacon in your office.
Perform the setup in TimeTec TA and assign users.
Employees have to open TimeTec TA app and walk pass the Beacon for clocking activities.
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How many Beacons do I need?
For a small office, 1 Beacon would be sufficient to cover the main entrance/exit door. Beacon radius range is usually within 10 meters, depending on the Beacon’s specification.

Where should I put the Beacon?
We recommend you to place the Beacon near the main entrance/exit door where employees can walk pass it when they start or end their working time or go for outstation tasks.

Can I use Beacon with iPhone or Android phone?
You can use either iPhone or Android phone to pair with any Beacon. Just make sure you have downloaded TimeTec TA App to use this feature.

Where can I purchase Time Beacon?
You can contact us at info@timeteccloud.com to purchase Time Beacon or you can source any generic Beacons from your market.

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Applicable for Various Industries
Retail Outlet
Service Industry
Higher Education
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Experience the Convenience of Employee Leave Management
Apart from the time and attendance solution TimeTec TA, TimeTec also offers TimeTec Leave for a modern way to manage your employee's leave. Apply, approve, plan leave and many more via TimeTec Leave mobile app. Stop wasting time with the manual way and start your cloud-based leave solution now with TimeTec Leave.
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TimeTec Leave
Keeping Your Team Together
Centralize your employee profiles in one cloud-based tool, TimeTec Profile and use the same data from TimeTec Profile across all your other solutions. Start saving your employee's details in TimeTec Profile now.
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TimeTec Profile