Clocking Schedule - Added Division Access Right Control
First up, we have a new function that affects access rights to clocking schedules. Prior to this, all clocking schedules are not assigned to specific divisions no matter which Admin originally created the schedule. Edit rights for Admin are also blanket rights, meaning either you are allowed to edit all the available schedules or you are not allowed to edit any. This means there’s a chance of another Admin accidentally altering the schedule that you’ve tailored for your division.

To address this, we’ve recently added Division Access Right control in the Clocking Schedule module. With this, when you create a schedule, you can set restrictions by assigning divisions that are allowed to share access to it. Subsequently, only Partial Admins with rights for the ‘Assigned Divisions’ will be able to edit or delete this particular schedule. However, note that Full Admin (Admin with Full Division rights) will still have unrestricted access.

The basic details are as follows:
i. Firstly, enable the ‘Assign Divisions’ rights in System Role > Module rights > Schedule > Clocking schedule tab to use this function.
ii. Once you’ve added a schedule, click on Assign Division icon. In the Organization Structure, tick to select the allowed division. If you are a Partial Admin with rights to only one (1) division, you can only assign this one division for the schedule.
iii. Once a clocking schedule is assigned to a division, only Admin for that division will be able to edit and delete the schedule (Full Admin also have unrestricted access). Admins for other divisions are not allowed to edit but can still view the schedule for reference.
iv. All clocking schedules without at least one Assigned Division are free for all Admins to edit and delete.
a. Added Division Access Right control in Clocking Schedule
b. Assign Division window - Select allowed division
c. Partial Admin view - Only allowed to edit and delete assigned schedule
d. Added right for ‘Assign Divisions’ in System Role

Go to Manage System Roles and Admin > System Roles > Edit System Role > Module Rights > Schedule > Clocking Schedule > Assign Divisions

  Enhancement of Admin Dashboard
This month, there’s some minor enhancements for the Admin View’s Dashboard, with details as follows:
a. Combined Restday and Offday
b. Sorted ‘No Clocking’ user list- The oldest records will be displayed first
  Company Setup Wizard- Assign random password when adding new user
We also made changes in the Company Setup Wizard. When Admins add a new user here, the system will assign the user with a random password. This user can then change his/her password when he/she clicks the link in the activation email.
Other Updates
1. Latest release of TimeTec SDK:
i. Function GetUserInfo & GetAllUserInfo - Added Organization Structure ID and Organization Structure.
a) Sample from SDK Demo application
ii. Function GetSchedule & GetAllSchedule – Return Auto No. of Schedule
iii. Updated SDK Manual - Click here.
TimeTec TA App Update

1. Approval - Overtime Approval Request
  Added ‘Attachment’ feature

Within the Approval module, there's an option for Overtime Approval, where employees can submit their Overtime Approval request to their superiors. We’ve recently added an ‘Attachment’ feature here, so users can attach supporting documentation (in pdf or images) whenever they make a request.

2. Settings > NFC | Beacon > Register Checkpoint
  Register Beacon in Android App - Added QR Scanner (Note: Existing feature in iOS version)

Occasionally, Admins may face difficulty in identifying the right Beacon to enroll from the full list of Beacons detected. This is usually the case if there are multiple beacons on hand thus we’re mitigating that by adding a new QR Scanner. Tap on the icon at the upper-right corner to scan the QR Code from the Beacon’s packaging.

3. General
  Listing Adjustment

  iPhone X UI Support

4. Settings
  App Settings Synchronization

The settings preferences will now be stored and remain based on the user’s selection.

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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.
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