FingerTec News  05/01/2017
Top 8 Reasons to use TIME Beacon with TimeTec TA
Time Beacon is a battery powered device that taps on Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, a protocol that allows beacons to transfer digital information with minimal power after a simple and secure pairing process.

TimeTec TA has been designed to pair well with Time Beacon. As a pair, automation in Time and Attendance management is achieved, and many advantages are uncovered.

Here are the Top 8 Reasons you should start using the Time Beacon with TimeTec TA.
1. Time Beacon adopts the latest technology, Bluetooth BLE function that is available in most today’s smartphones, subtly tapping on the BYOD concept.
2. Unlike most Time and Attendance system, installation of Time Beacon is straightforward, it does not require any wiring at all.
3. Beacon for attendance encourages staff to be more independent and responsible when they carry their own tool to report to work.
4. TimeTec TA accounts on cloud are secured and private, and to report time via Beacon, the staff need to use their own smartphones. The system eliminates buddy punching entirely.
5. Recorded times from beacons are transmitted to TimeTec TA and its mobile App, which means both HR and Staff can check their punctuality and tardiness analytics in real time and cultivate better work habits, hence better productivity.
6. Time Beacon and TimeTec TA establishes automation in report generation, easing the load for HR departments.
7. TimeTec TA accepts any types of Beacon apart from Time Beacon, saving you deployment time and cost altogether.
8. Time Beacon and TimeTec TA combo is easy to use, in case you need assistance, checkout the videos we prepare for you.
Time and technology wait for no man. Get your hand on beacon technology for attendance with TimeTec TA, it’s economical, simple and effective. Ask us for more information and Time Beacon Attendance.
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