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Calculate Your Savings with TimeTec TA
Use the calculator below to estimate how much you could save annually when you adopt TimeTec TA to replace your manual attendance clocking system.
Section 1
Fill up the columns in this section and retrieve the calculation in Section 2.
About Your Company
Number of Employees   employees
Average Employee Wage per hour USD per hour
Payroll Staff Wage per hour USD per hour
Number of Working Hours in a week   hours
Number of Working Weeks per Year   work weeks
Task Management
Estimated time spent by payroll staff calculating one employee time card manually
(The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates that it takes from 5 to 6 minutes to process paper-based time sheets for an employee. Source. )
Average clerical error when doing manual calculation and time-cheating percentage at work
( The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates that the rate of human error in time card preparation is between 1% to 8%. Source. )
Section 2
Your Total Savings when Using TimeTec TA
Eliminate clerical error and reduce clerical staff cost
With TimeTec TA, attendance data will be loaded into our cloud server automatically, thus no clerical work is needed.
Below is how much you'll save.
Annual Gross Pay USD   Annual Savings USD
Save time with our automated attendance management system
Say goodbye to the time consuming manual system. With TimeTec TA, you only need to setup your system once and leave it to the system to do all the hard work. Look how many hours you'll save with TimeTec TA
Hours Saved hours     Annual Savings USD
    Total Annual Savings USD
Real Total Savings Per Year
(Total Annual Savings - TimeTec TA Cost)
 *Refer to Section 3 for TimeTec TA Cost.
Section 3
Your Investment with TimeTec TA
TimeTec TA is priced at USD20 per 10 user block, per month. With this price, users would be able to verify their attendance via 3 different platforms; biometric time clocks*, web check-in and mobile check-in. This recommendation is based on the information you provided in Section 1.
Billing Cycle
Recommended License Block (10 user license per block) block(s)
Price per Block USD
Discount %
Total Investment (Monthly) USD
* Biometric time clocks are sold separately

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