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Being Flexible About Workplace Flexibility
There is nothing wrong with sticking to the regular working hours; it has been there for ages. Employees are familiar with what is expected of them and having regular working hours will keep them in line with the company's imposed disciplines perfectly. Ideally, that is what all employers are gunning for, one system that fits all, having all ducks in a row. In reality however, employees come from diverse economic backgrounds, they have their own set of family history; each carries with them their own set of problems or situations. People have sick family members to take care of, elderly people need attention, children need to be attended to when babysitters aren't available, and various other problems or there are some employees who prefer to report to work at certain times in order to remain creative and productive.
Dealing With Attendance Anomalies Head On
Every company implements its own time and attendance policies that is dependent upon the needs of the organizations. For example, official work hours are from 9am to 5pm, break time is from 12pm to 1pm, tea time is 4:15pm to 4:30pm and only 10 minutes allowance is permitted for IN and OUT times.
Employing New Technology To Improve Organizational Maturity
Change in organizational process in inevitable but change does not necessarily mean that it is a good thing if it doesn't produce the improved or desired outcomes for an organization. A company can evolve and adopt a biometrics time and attendance system complete with its fancy management software but if the company fails to gain any positive impact in the long run, the change might not be moving in the right direction or the objectives of the implementation have not been defined clearly. This is the superficial "Change Trap" that a lot of companies fall into and in the end, never understood why they made the change in the first place.
Handling and Managing
Absenteeism Effectively with Attendance Data

Absence is a common issue that can be found in the workplace where employees fail to report to work or to remain at work as scheduled. Every employee is bound to be absent one day or more in a year, regardless of the type and position of the employee. A CIPD Absence Survey conducted in 2013 states that "in relation to unauthorized absence, people are absent from work for an average of 7.6 days a year with workplace absenteeism back up to the levels observed in 2010 and 2011". Although it is common for companies to expect absences from their workers because there will be instances which employees may not be able to attend work full-time, however absenteeism issues will continue to escalate if the management do not know how to manage the issue while employees adopt a casual attitude towards absenteeism by abusing the system.
TimeTec Technology White Paper
TimeTec is a powerful web-based solution for automated time attendance in various kinds of businesses. FingerTec leverages on Amazon Web Services' cloud services to create a multi-tenant version of the TimeTec system to reduce operational cost and effectively utilize the infrastructure. The article begins by discussing the system study and the two architecture setups involved, from device to cloud and at the Web frontend. Cloud Engineering is then explained to give a broad view of the flow of the application data. The article then concludes by listing the approximate scope of work involved in TimeTec Cloud's infrastructure design.
TimeTec Computing Security
As predicted earlier by industry analysts, Cloud Computing has been growing at a rapid pace whereby its enhancements and improvements have made the technology mature enough to be implemented. As such, FingerTec's TimeTec is our way of progressing into the future. However, there are still concerns such as data breach, data loss, and unsecure APIs, that need to be addressed before adopting it. TimeTec has already implemented strategies that will curb or solve these concerns, in which some of them are explained in the article, making it a perfect Cloud Computing solution for workforce management.