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Technical Tips
Date Software & Device Setup EN
18-11-22 How To Set User Card ID in TimeTec Attendance
25-03-22 How To Add New User to TimeTec TA (Geofence User)
25-03-22 How To Add New User to TimeTec TA From Device to TimeTec TA (Webster Terminal)
25-03-22 How To Add New User to TimeTec TA From TimeTec TA to Device (Smart DBS)
29-11-22 TimeTec TA Memo and Greeting Feature
30-09-21 TimeTec TA- Assign New Super Admin / Admin Role In the Device For Existing Users Using Web
18-08-21 How To Change User Access on GPS & Web Clocking In TimeTec TA
17-08-21 How to Import Public Holiday in TimeTec TA / Leave
16-08-21 Manage Auto Logout for Idle Period in TimeTec TA & TimeTec Leave
16-08-21 How to Deactivate And Reactivate User in TimeTec TA
22-07-21 How to Set TimeTec TA/TimeTec Leave Application Library
29-06-21 APPROVAL: How to Setup & Apply for Outstation in TimeTec TA
21-06-21 How to Manage Change of User ID in TimeTec TA
10-06-21 Benefits of Organization Structure in TimeTec TA
08-06-21 QF Master configuration on TimeTec TA
08-06-21 TimeTec TA - How to Add New Options in Default Data Fields
21-05-21 How to Reset User Password for TimeTec Account
15-04-21 How to Set Working Locations in TimeTec TA
19-02-21 Enabling Edit Rights For Attendance Approval in TimeTec TA
14-12-20 How to Construct Hierarchy Chart in TimeTec
18-11-20 Enhancement of Import Users in TimeTec Solutions
16-11-20 How to Update User Information in TimeTec TA App
14-10-20 How to Automatically Set Birthday Greetings, Anniversary Greetings, or Welcome Message to Your TimeTec TA Users
09-09-20 Organize Assign User to Device Module in TimeTec TA
24-06-20 Guide for TimeTec TA Mobile Clocking For Multinational Users
24-04-20 TimeTec TA: How to Display User ID or Employee ID in the Listings
31-03-20 How to upload your company's employee handbook in TimeTec TA
23-12-19 Time Zone Setting in Timetec TA
26-11-19 How to Add QF Master into Your TimeTec TA
21-10-19 Sync the Workcode in TimeTec TA and FingerTec Device
29-08-19 How to Manage New Users in FingerTec Terminal & TimeTec TA
31-07-19 Leave Types Setup in TimeTec TA
16-04-19 Managing Gross Wages Functionalities in TimeTec TA
02-01-19 How to Configure Staff Contact View In TimeTec
27-11-18 How to perform Database Migration from Ingress/TCMS V3 to TimeTec TA
26-11-18 In-depth Guide on FingerTec Device Management in TimeTec TA
28-08-18 TimeTec TA Made Easier With TimeTec TA Wizard
27-06-18 How To Configure System Roles and Admin Module (TimeTec TA)
29-03-18 Connect your Third-Party Terminals with Cloud-based Attendance Solution, TimeTec TA
26-02-18 Assigning Group Admin for Each Terminal Group in TimeTec TA to Secure and Manage FingerTec Devices
26-02-18 How to Change User Privilege in FingerTec Devices via TimeTec TA
19-10-17 NFC VS Beacon, Which Is Right for You?
12-09-17 TimeTec TA : How to manage Face Template of FingerTec Face Terminal.
19-05-17 Using TimeTec TA App for the First Time
27-04-17 Tips to Choosing the Best Clocking Method for your Organization
14-04-17 Adding Billing Admin in TimeTec
05-04-17 Boss Mode – A system Role for Bosses to Monitor Workforce Performance
23-03-17 Managing Holiday for Different Department/Branch in TimeTec TA & Leave
23-09-16 Shift Data From TCMS V2 to TimeTec TA Easily Via Migration Wizard
28-06-16 TimeTec – Profile Layouts and Data Fields
15-07-15 TimeTec Cloud Remote Support
27-06-14 Connect FingerTec Terminal to TimeTec Easily Using Webserver IP and Port Number
27-06-14 Adding FingerTec devices into your TimeTec Cloud account
19-12-14 GUI Device Status Monitoring Goes Live! Enable GUI Monitoring for Ingress and TimeTec Now!
19-02-14 Backup and Sending Your Software's Database Error Files for Troubleshooting
26-03-13 Terminal Model Does Not Appear While Adding Terminal to TimeTec
Date Attendance Management (Attendance/Clocking/Report/User/Monitoring) EN
29-07-22 TimeTec TA - How to Import Overtime Request Approval By Batch For The Users
18-05-22 How to Reflect Working Time on Rest Day and Off Day in Attendance for TimeTec TA
29-04-22 Preset Half Day Value Schedule for Half Day Schedule in TimeTec TA
09-03-22 Manage Clock In and Tardiness Monitoring in TimeTec TA
10-02-22 How to Import Leave in TimeTec TA
28-10-21 How to Edit & Remove Edited Data in Attendance Module for TimeTec TA
29-09-21 How to Troubleshoot Approval Request Submission Problems for TimeTec TA
29-09-21 How to Check User Approval Method Information in TimeTec TA
06-09-21 How to Analyze Attendance with Attendance Analysis in TimeTec TA
01-09-21 How to Fix the Customized User Duty Roster Import Errors for TimeTec TA
12-07-21 Enhancement of Data Audit List in TimeTec TA
17-03-21 How To Use Flexi Job Costing in TimeTec TA
21-01-21 Temperature Remark – How Users Can Input Body Temperature in TimeTec TA using Web & App
09-07-20 TimeTec TA - Calculate the Distance Between Clocking Locations (Distance Calculator)
29-04-20 Record Employee Temperature Data and Trace Close Contact using TimeTec TA
09-04-20 How to Export Users’ Email from TimeTec TA
07-04-20 How to Fix Attendance for Missed Punch Data in TimeTec TA
06-04-20 How to Customize User Duty Roster in TimeTec TA
02-04-20 View Attendance Data in TimeTec TA
30-03-20 How to Import Overtime in TimeTec TA
23-03-20 How to Check User Clocking Transaction History in TimeTec TA
23-03-20 How to Create and Manage OT Flexi Schedule in TimeTec TA
02-03-20 How to Share Mobile to Login and Clocking for Multiple Accounts in TimeTec TA Application
26-11-19 Download Transaction Logs from FingerTec Terminal and Import to TimeTec TA
22-11-19 TimeTec TA - Amend Clocking Schedule for Specific Date without Affecting the Whole Roster
18-10-19 Mobile Location Tracking Report
26-09-19 How to remove short hours for half day leave in TimeTec TA
31-07-19 How to Export and Import Roster from TimeTec TA Easily with Excel files
21-06-19 Edit Attendance Approval to Request Change of Schedule/Shift & Day Type
01-03-19 How To Troubleshoot Missing Attendance Record via TimeTec TA
25-01-19 How To Utilize USB Function In TimeTec TA
02-01-19 How To Enable/Disable GPS & Web Clocking In TimeTec TA
31-12-18 How To Configure Web Clocking With Geolocation In TimeTec TA
27-11-18 How to Manually Download User from a Terminal and Upload to all Terminals in TimeTec TA
01-11-18 TimeTec TA - How to Assign Division in Clocking Schedule
25-09-18 How To Configure ‘Overtime Only After’ Feature in TimeTec TA
24-07-18 How To Easily Assign Schedules And Users Into Rosters Within TimeTec TA
27-06-18 Troubleshoot Missing Attendance Data in TimeTec TA
30-05-18 Configure Your Ramadan Schedule With TimeTec TA
27-04-18 How To Enable Attendance Approval And Approve Attendances in TimeTec TA
26-03-18 TimeTec TA – Configuring Open Schedule with Over Night Shift Roster
26-03-18 TimeTec TA: How To Manage Geofence Feature For Out of Area Clocking
30-01-18 New Dashboard For TimeTec TA Users
29-01-18 Notify Staffs on Roster Changes with TimeTec TA Roster Notification
28-12-17 Manage Employees’ Approval Request for Edit Attendance
28-09-17 TimeTec TA Electronic Time Card Report Enhancement
25-08-17 Sync employees between TimeTec TA and FingerTec Terminals with Terminal Automation feature
17-07-17 Set your Clocking Boundary with TimeTec TA GPS Geofence Feature
17-07-17 Effective Overtime Approval with TimeTec TA
18-04-17 How to Change a User ID in TimeTec TA without Adding a New License
07-03-17 Effective Overtime Approval with TimeTec TA
03-03-17 Creating Weekly Schedule with Flexible Overtime on Weekends in TimeTec TA - Suitable for company requiring overtimes on rest days
16-12-16 Use Inactive User Tab to Contain Dormant Users
16-11-17 Report Scheduler Feature: Automate Reports for Convenience
16-11-16 Exporting Data to 3rd Party: Configuring Export Templates in TimeTec TA
22-09-16 Forget to Clock your Time? Deal with it the Correct Way in TimeTec TA
29-07-16 TimeTec TA Roster Overview: A Powerful Feature to Manage Workforce's Activities On A Calendar
14-03-14 TimeTec Cloud – Assigning Usernames
21-05-14 Applying Different Holiday List to Individual Branch
27-09-13 Diagnosis Steps to Resolve Data Loss/Do Not Appear in TimeTec
Date TimeTec Mobile EN
12-12-22 How to Request and Approve Out of Area Clocking in TimeTec HR
08-12-22 How To Request and Approve Edit Attendance in Timetec HR App
03-09-21 How to Set Location in GPS Clocking Method as Compulsory in TimeTec TA
02-08-21 How to change the battery on Time Beacon (New Version)
02-08-21 How to Let Users Update Their Mobile ID Using Pairing Code for TimeTec TA
29-05-20 How to Add Note in the Roster and Calendar with TimeTec TA Web and Apps
24-01-20 Troubleshooting Steps for Missing GPS location in iOS and Android Mobile Phones for TimeTec TA
19-03-19 Get Your Own Attendance Reports Straight from TimeTec TA App
01-11-18 Troubleshooting Guide For TimeTec TA GPS Location Clocking
21-05-18 Start WiFi Clocking With TimeTec TA App
20-11-17 Explore Roster in TimeTec TA App
27-07-17 Request & Approval for Edit Attendance in TimeTec TA App
20-06-17 TimeTec TA Mobile App - Personal Clocking
15-06-17 TimeTec TA – Overtime Request via Mobile App
09-06-17 Attendance Monitoring via TimeTec TA App
17-02-17 Attendance Clocking Made Simple with Time Beacon
21-01-17 Clock In Automatically with Beacon using TimeTec TA App
05-01-17 How to Enrol Time Beacon/ NFC in TimeTec TA using Android Smartphones
14-12-16 TimeTec TA App Detects Mock Location to Prevent Fraudulent Activities
18-10-16 TimeTec Mobile – Supervisor Verifies Clocking with Photo
22-08-16 Having Problem to Use Mobile Clocking with Your New Mobile Phone? Get to Know How to Reset Your Mobile ID
12-11-14 TimeTec - Check In with Geo-Location
Date Others (Payroll & etc.) EN
29-06-22 How to Enable TimeTec API for 3rd Party Data Integration with TimeTec TA
27-06-22 Email Address Validation In TimeTec
23-06-21 How to send Message to user(s) in TimeTec TA
14-08-20 How To Connect Smart AC device with TimeTec TA
23-04-20 TimeTec TA Support Channels
04-02-20 How to use TimeTec TA with Ingress/TCMSv3 Software Concurrently
22-11-19 Upload Existing Users and Devices from Ingress to TimeTec TA
08-10-19 Connecting ZKTeco devices to TimeTec Cloud solutions
28-08-18 TimeTec TA - How To Export Data Audit List Into A Customized File Format
24-10-14 TimeTec Cloud - Post Attendance to Payroll is Now Available in Unipay & MYOB (Australia Only)