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TimeTec TA - Cloud-Based Staff Attendance & Scheduling Made Easy
TimeTec TA has practical and advanced features for staff attendance and scheduling, plus its compatibility with biometrics devices, mobile devices and PC check-in; it is the best investment for better workforce management.
Time Beacon - User Guide
Introducing Time Beacon, a new time attendance option for the modern office. Simply run the TimeTec TA app, sign in, and tap on the Time Beacon icon; and your Clocking is done. Welcome to the new era of Time Attendance.
Time Beacon – Admin Basics
Follow this simple 3 Step Tutorial to setup Time Beacon at your workplace.

Before you start, you will need a computer; a mobile device (Android) and your Beacon set aside to perform this setup. You will also need a TimeTec TA account to pair with your beacon. Next, prepare your mobile device, by downloading the TimeTec TA app from the Play Store.

All set? Follow this 3 Step Tutorial, and you are ready to go.

The Concept of TimeTec TA
Explore the fundamental of TimeTec TA, and how can a cloud based management software improve your resources management by providing accessibility, affordability, security and convenience in this conceptual video.
TimeTec TA Overview
Take a two-minute video tour to get an overall understanding of TimeTec TA. Find out how the workforce can be effectively managed by using different features approaches and options offered by TimeTec TA, regardless of your company size.
Clocking Attendance with TimeTec TA
Staff management made effortless with TimeTec TA. Supporting multiple platforms, TimeTec TA offers three types of attendance clocking; biometrics attendance device, checking in with mobile devices, or log in into TimeTec TA using PC and clock in with web check-in feature.