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Choosing Your Clocking Method
TimeTec TA offers various clocking methods via its mobile app (iOS and Android). View the comparison chart below to choose the best clocking method for your organization.
4 Ways For Mobile Attendance Clocking
Beacon NFC WiFi GPS
Signal range Up to 70 meters 10 cm or less Up to 30 meters, depending on hardware type Unlimited, set by GPS coordinate
Phone compatibility All Androids and iPhones with Bluetooth (BLE) All Androids with NFC technology All Androids and iPhones All Androids and iPhones
User setup • Beacons need to be installed on premise
• Battery last up to 2 years
NFC tags need to be installed on premise Leverage on existing wifi infrastructure Set/maintain geofence location (if required)
Maintenance Minimal Minimal No maintenance No maintenance
Interaction with app (speed) Medium 6-10 seconds Fast 1-3 seconds Fast 1-3 seconds Medium 6-10 seconds (depending on GPS location service connection)
Energy efficiency on consumer device Low Low Low Low
Price $$ $ FREE FREE
Suitable for On premise clocking On premise clocking On premise clocking On-the-go and on premise clocking
Recommended for Store or office (recommended to place Beacon at main area like lobby or pantry) Store or office (NFC tags must be reachable, staff must be able to tap their phone on the tag) All type of businesses Out of store and mobile workers