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TimeTec TA Features - Schedule
TimeTec TA allows set up of working time schedules or rosters applicable for the company as well as leave and holiday types.
A Massive 1000 Clocking Schedules
You can create individual clocking schedules for every working group up to a maximum of 1000 schedule sets.
Weekly Schedules
The most common working schedules are based on weekdays and weekends, where you can choose and set the first day of the week as well as weekends.
Daily Schedules
Daily schedules are working schedules that apply for a day. This is widely applicable in factories that support different shifts such as multiple shifts, overnight shifts, open shifts, rotational shifts and etc.
Flexi Schedules
Flexi schedules are similar to weekly working schedules without imposing any time rules on the schedule for example late-ins, early-outs or overtime. Users are free to come to work at anytime and leave at any time.
Open Schedules
With Open Schedules employees are allowed to attend to any of the working schedules assigned by the management. The TimeTec TA provides up to 3 different working schedules per day for employees to choose.
Overnight Shifts
Overnight shifts allows the TimeTec TA to capture employees' attendance without hassle during their overnight shifts and provide the employer with access to their attendance data from afar.
Group Duty Roster
The annual working calendar in TimeTec TA gives you complete view of the working groups, providing a total of 1000 readily available rosters for your convenience.
User Duty Planner
TimeTec TA gives you the flexibility to configure and customize your working calendar for specific employees.
Company Holidays
Define the dates and types of public holidays applicable to your company in the Company Holiday feature to get these holidays displayed in TimeTec TA.
Leave Types
TimeTec TA allows you to define types of leaves applicable to your company and when an employee is absent from work, administrators can tag his/her attendance with the definition of the leave applied for.
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