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This glossary describes terminology used in the TimeTec TA solution on the web and on the mobile app.
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A Details explanations or relevant website information
Admin This refers to employees that have been given Administrator privilege (i.e. assigned to a System Role). You can create multiple System roles that are customized with different access rights to modules and divisions.
Attendance Approval Attendance Approval is an optional feature that can be enabled/disabled in System Settings. When enabled, the system requires Admin to approve attendance data using either the Web Portal or Mobile App. Only approved attendance can be exported through Export Attendance, Export Attendance to Payroll and Export Attendance Scheduler features. Once approved, the attendance record is also locked and can only be edited after it is unapproved.
Attendance Data Attendance data is all clocking activities a user reports everyday into TimeTec TA including clock-in, clock-out, lunch-out, resume from lunch, overtime and overtime-done, through multiples reporting channels (terminals, web and mobile clocking)
Attendance Monitoring Allows you to easily monitor clocking-in time of certain users and receive automatic notifications. There are 2 types of attendance monitoring; Clocking Monitoring and Tardiness Monitoring.
Attendance Sheet Attendance sheet is where all the attendance data is displayed along with user details, working schedules, leave information and more.
Benchmark This is a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.
Beacon Beacons transmit small amounts of data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to 50 meters, and as a result are often used for indoor location technology, although beacons can be used outside as well.
Clocking Devices Devices that are compatible to use with TimeTec TA which include FingerTec terminals for biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) and mobile smartphones that can install TimeTec mobile application.
Clocking Options Options presented for users when clocking with TimeTec TA include biometrics clocking via fingerprint or face recognition devices, mobile clocking which includes GPS, Wifi, NFC, Beacon and supervisor clocking, as well as web clocking via web browser.
Data Fields A data field is column to input/store data; commonly used to refer to a column in a database or a field in a data entry form or web form. Data field may contain data to be entered as well as data to be displayed in TimeTec TA.
Day Type The type of day applicable in the work place. The commonly used types are workdays, restdays, offdays, and holidays. There might be other day types applicable to different countries.
Detail Schema Detail schema allows you to export day-by-day records of all users. You will have to define the position arrangement and length of each data field before you can export the attendance data.
Device ID Device ID is the biometric terminal ID defined by the admin during setup for reference.
Diff.OT Diff. OT is a secondary overtime that defined by the company for different pay rate purposes. It can be set at the Clocking Schedule.
E Details explanations or relevant website information
Extended Break Break time taken exceeds the time allowance set by the company.
Field Layout The field layout is the viewing rights of fields in the system which is assigned by the system administrator.
FingerTec Terminal Clocking devices including fingerprint, face and card system produced by FingerTec.
First Day of the Week Set the preferably first day of the week, eg: Mondays for most countries and Sundays for some countries in the Middle East, to be applied to the entire system.
Flexi Break Users can go for breaks at anytime for a specific duration.
Flexi Hour Total hour worked by flexi user who has no restrictions on the work time.
GPS Geofence Geofence is a virtual geographical perimeter or barrier made for a specific location, e.g. your office. Admin can set a Geofence so that employees are allowed to clock their attendance using GPS clocking only if they are within the permitted area(s). However, to manage employees’ clocking that takes place outside of the Geofence, Admin can configure a set of Approval rule for 'Out of Area Clocking'.
Group Duty Roster A group duty roster is used as a calendar to assign which schedule is being used on a specific date.
Hierarchy Chart Hierarchy chart displays the position level of the users based on their designations in an organization.
Holiday Holidays that are applicable to your company can be set in a calendar view.
I Details explanations or relevant website information
Inactive Users Inactive users are users who no longer valid in your system for reason such as being terminated, suspended or resigned.
Job Costing Job costing is a Job-Based Pay where users’ pay is established based on types of job with different pay rate.
Leave Type Types of leaves applicable in your company such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave etc.
Manage Approval Rules This feature allows Admin to determine whether and how users will be allowed to apply for certain types of Approvals through the system. Currently, the approval settings available are for Edit Attendance, Overtime and Out of Area Clocking (when using GPS Geofence). You can manage approval rules by defining the process, list of approvers, validity periods, approval criteria and etc. Once the rules are configured, you can manage all requests' approvals at Approval Module.
Missed Punch Clocking activity that supposed to be done is missed by users.
Mobile ID A unique ID registered if you are using TimeTec mobile app. This ID will be stored in TimeTec system and it is tied up with one user account only. This can prevent multiple user account to login into the same mobile app.
NFC Near Field Communication, or simply known as NFC is a type of technology that enables two electronic devices to establish communication. In TimeTec, NFC can be used as a clocking method using the TimeTec mobile app.
Offday Offdays that are declared by the company, eg: Saturdays and Sundays
Organization Structure The Organization Structure allows you to create your company’s branches, departments or sections in multiple sub-level of each division. You can then assign users into their respective division.
Out of Area Clocking When GPS Geofence is in effect, employees are allowed to use GPS clocking outside the boundary only if Admin has configured 'Out of Area' Approval Rules. Each 'Out of Area' clocking will be submitted for approval before it is reflected in the Attendance.
Periodic Totals Enabling the periodic totals in Day Type eg: workday, system will count and consider workdays which will be affected in the settings of Group Duty Roster.
Rate/Hour Pay rate or salary per hour of an individual user. This can be set in every user profile, under the Employment Information section.
Reporting Channel All the clocking methods available in TimeTec such as FingerTec Device, Mobile and Web.
Restday Restdays that declared by the company, eg: Saturdays and Sundays.
Roster Roster is the user’s individual working calendar which consists of working schedule, restdays/holidays & attendance data.
S Details explanations or relevant website information
Shared Mobile When Shared Mobile is enabled, other user accounts can login to the owner’s mobile app, with restriction of viewing data only.
Summary Schema The summary schema allows you to export the summary records of all users. You will have to define the position arrangement and length of each data field before you can export the attendance data.
Supervisor Clocking One of several mobile clocking options available: Supervisor (Admin) provided with the required access rights/authority (in System Role) can verify attendance on behalf of their team member. While doing that, they can snap a photo as proof of the attendance.
System Roles TimeTec is designed to provide restricted access to authorized users as permitted by the company. You can achieve this by creating System roles and then assigning the appropriate System roles to the selected users (i.e. appoint as Admin). You can also create multiple System roles that are customized with different access rights to modules and divisions.
Tardiness Tardiness committed by users includes late-in, early out, extended break, missed punch and short hour.
Terminal Group Grouping of biometric terminals for better management when assigning users.
TimeTec Account Issuance Date The user’s TimeTec account start date. Attendance data will only be available starting from the account issuance date. It is a non-mandatory field while adding a new user.
Time Zone Different Time Zone can be applied to individual user based on the working location around the world.
User ID User ID is a unique ID for individual user that available in TimeTec.
Web Access Users are able to login to web with their account when the company enable the web access for them.
Wifi Clocking One of several mobile clocking options available: Employees can perform mobile clocking when they are connected to assigned Wifi Access Points. Before employees can use Wifi Clocking, the Admins first need to carry out some configurations within the system.
Work Code Work code allows users to report a remark while clocking. For example, work code 11 which is traffic jam is reported by a user who is late for work. The remark will then be displayed in attendance sheet and reports.
Work Rate Work Rate displays the average attendance performance of all users. A 100% work rate meaning there is no tardiness committed by the users.
Workday Workdays that are declared by the company, eg: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and so forth.
Updated 02/10/2018