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TimeTec TA App
Keeps you updated anywhere, anytime.

TimeTec TA app provides an overall view of your attendance, work rosters, and attendance clocking option, using mobile phone - so you'll never miss a thing.

TimeTec TA app is the mobile app for TimeTec TA, a cloud based time and attendance management application. Get the 30-day FREE trial TimeTec TA today!

Clock Attendance from Anywhere
Attendance clocking has never been easier. Clock your attendance while on the go. Clocking data will be updated into TimeTec TA system, complete with GPS location and workcode.
Complete Attendance Logs
View all attendance logs complete with Work hours, Over Time hours and Short working hours in the Attendance section.
See the Bigger Picture

Get the summary of your employees' attendance status in a glance through our simple, yet informative chart. Individual attendance overview is also available for every user.

Get the Roster Right
Get the full work roster information in your hand. Be in the know of your roster schedules; on-going, past and future. This calendar type design also sync the company holiday and let you to personalize your calendar by adding a note to any selected date.

Overtime Approval
Apply for overtime and the pre-set approvers can do approvals directly from the App. It’s easy and transparent!

Greetings Earthlings!

Set notification on birthdays, anniversaries and welcome announcements to keep everyone informed. There's also attendance monitoring option if you want to keep an eye on your employees.

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