FingerTec News | 05/04/2018
Stop Overpaying Your Employees With Attendance Approval
Introducing the latest feature in TimeTec TA, the much anticipated Attendance Approval. This feature has finally been added into TimeTec TA as a tool for employers to determine the validity of the staffs’ attendances before approving their claimed times for payroll calculation. The feature has been designed in such a way that after the approval is done, the attendance data can no longer be edited to prevent unauthorized changes and this feature only allows the export of approved attendance into the Payroll system. By using this feature, companies can be rest assured that they are paying exactly for what the employees have performed.
Attendance Approval is particular useful for companies that require their staffs to work beyond the usual working hours and those that have staffs who work in the field with schedules that are vary. It is therefore necessary for managers to verify their team’s attendances in order to avoid overpaying the workforce.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution for time attendance and workforce management that utilizes various ways of capturing clocking data including biometrics, GPS, beacon, etc, and process the time data according to the schedule assigned for each staff for accurate attendance reports. TimeTec TA is available online and on smartphone, providing companies with instant data in real time at all times. Implementation of TimeTec TA is simple yet it is effective for companies to manage their workforce.

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