24 Xpress Speeding Operation Via TimeTec TA
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Malaysia | 05/04/2019
A 24/7 service is a simple concept known by many but in reality, to maintain around the clock shop or service poses mountainous challenges, i.e. ordering inventory, product display, training staffs, scheduling shifts and so on. 24 Xpress is one such business store, which offers this convenient 24 hours operation time. Founded in the year 2012 and with 16 outlets currently in Penang Island, 24 Express aims to provide customers with convenient shopping experience in Malaysia.

Steadily growing throughout the years, the company is looking for a solution that could manage its expanding workforce, not just efficiently, but also at all times. Since 24 Xpress considers that the conventional system would not be up to the job, the company decided to consult our Penang reseller, Ingress Synergy Sdn. Bhd. on how to better improve their workforce management and was thus introduced to the next generation of time attendance: TimeTec TA.

Having a system like TimeTec TA provides businesses such as 24 Xpress with a hassle-free scheduling tool as well as a fast and effective real-time tracking system for their workforce. TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution that comes in both Web and App version, along with a variety of clocking options in which the employees can utilize. What’s more, our Smart Solution also allows 24 Xpress managers to plan for their staffs’ schedule ahead of time and by doing this, the staffs can access their individual work schedule at anytime from anywhere easily while the managers will not be burdened by any unplanned changes; reducing from incurring extra costs.
TimeTec provides 3 main clocking options

FingerTec biometrics terminal clocking
Web clocking through a PC
Mobile clocking through TimeTec TA App
Sooner or later, technology disruption will arrive to disrupt all industries and in order to get ready for the changes that come, businesses will need to think of a way to automate processes to achieve better performance. 24 Xpress is subscribed to TimeTec TA and is gaining advantage amongst the competitive market. Discover the future of time attendance via TimeTec TA by clicking on the link below.