Is Now With TimeTec TA For Its Workforce Services Rendered
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Malaysia | 03/07/2020
In 2019, an engineering enterprise which used to focus on performing a series of business services from blasting and painting coating, insulation, and other disciplines such as construction, steel structure and steel fabricating has successfully upgraded from an ordinary enterprise to Sdn. Bhd. known as Khal Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. It has since encompassed its services to another aspect of disciplines in the oil and gas sector. Target to produce more international quality materials that can meet more of the needs, requirements and standard of all kinds of customers.

The procedures of the management in Khal’s are getting more and more unpredictably complicated as the business is expanding, the HR team of this company has realised the essentiality of bringing forward their plan in digital adoption. In doing so, they have decided to walk their business into the market trend by upgrading its internal workforce management system with TimeTec TA: one of the most renowned brands of mobile cloud-based workforce solution.

They have previously installed biometric devices at the office. However, with staff assigned to work at multiple sites, the management was not able to trace the whereabouts of these members. These out-of-office workers are challenging to manage as their attendance data are often rendered as unreliable and can often be misleading and inaccurate. The work to ensure their workforce productivity has been streamlined by TimeTec TA.

Khal Engineering Subscribes to 30 TimeTec TA users
Are NOW Enjoying The Following Features
  GPS Clocking
Download the mobile application and launch the app whenever an attendance check is required
•  Trackable staff location with GPS coordinates
•  Eliminate unnecessary discrepancies between employers and employees
  Real-time Data Monitoring
•  Accessible portal for supervisor and management to view the captured data and to monitor with ease
•  Employees can access the app to self evaluate daily attendance performance
  Verification Methods
GPS, WiFi, Beacon & NFC Tags Available
•  Flexible options for attendance clocking make no excuses for workers’ professional misconduct in the workplace
  Push Technology
•  Automated the process of data collection
•  Simplified the complications of data transferring and processing
•  Eliminate the concern of unsynchronized data
  Types of Report
•  Anytime printable version of report for further or immediate evaluation
•  Accurate daily, monthly, and annually staff performance evaluation
It is important to select the suitable workforce application to complete the boost you seek for your business workforce operation enhancement. Now, Khal Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. has attained these objectives with TimeTec TA.
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