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Malta | 02/03/2018
Salvo Grima Monitors Workforce through TimeTec TA
Salvo Grima Group is a dynamic group of companies specialising in ship supply, travel retail, wholesale and product distribution in Europe and North Africa. Since established in 1860, Salvo Grima Group has expanded and diversified to provide its clients with a wide range of complementary services in the maritime, yachting and travel industry.

In their effort to cater to various requirements with different budgets and quality standards as well as be able to meet delivery deadlines on a 24/7 basis all year round, workforce is THE key element. Therefore, having an effective workforce management solution is crucial for Salvo Grima moving forward. Through TimeTec’s Maltese distributor AIS Technology Ltd., Salvo Grima was introduced to TimeTec cloud-based time and attendance solution, TimeTec TA.

TimeTec TA is a perfectly suitable time attendance solution for a company such as Salvo Grima as it has the potential to bring workforce management to a whole new level. Basically, TimeTec TA comes with a Mobile Application that allows both employers and employees to access its features at anytime, from anywhere and data is collected and displayed in real time for efficiency via smartphones. With the TimeTec Mobile, employees can clock-in their attendance just by using their smartphones while employers have the capability to monitor their staffs’ attendance at one’s convenience. This feature alone makes TimeTec TA a truly flexible system for Salvo Grima that has a dynamic workforce that works round-the-clock everyday.

TimeTec TA also provides Salvo Grima with a tool to assess and evaluate the performance of each individual employee to ensure that counterproductive behaviours such as tardiness, absenteeism and etc will be at all time low thus effectively boosting the company’s productivity. On top of that, TimeTec TA comes with various useful features for workforce management such as scheduling, roster, overtime approval,monitoring and more, to better manager human resources. There are a total of 31 reports including Detailed Time Card, Overtime Approval Worksheet, Gross Wages Report, and many more.

Cloud-based solution such as TimeTec TA is a sought-after solution for today’s workforce due to its agility, scalability and effectiveness. Try TimeTec TA now to experience smooth staff management at this link. Get a 30-day trial without any obligations and each account sign up in TimeTec TA entitles a company to a 10-user licenses FREE for life.

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