Enhancement of Overtime Request
FingerTec News | 05/03/2019
Payroll incidents are not uncommon to encounter in a workplace, among other things, Overtime Claim ranks high. Despite having a close review of the documentation, it is assuredly challenging to have attested an employee’s schedule and hours worked when an inaccuracy in their personal records and the payroll department have been spotted.
Most of the time, employers would opt to carry out discussion to reach a mutual consensus. Case is that it is better to refrain from threatening to file a formal complaint and to reduce the establishment of an adversarial tone to the company culture. Unfortunately, feuds that remain unresolved will gradually affect employees performance level and business productive capacity. Worry no more!.

This February, TimeTec TA enhances the Overtime Request feature to help eradicate the squabbling between employers and workers. All overtime claim records, time sheets and employee files can now be accessed on the TimeTec TA portal, in the most systematized and the most unimpeachable way.
Quick glimpse of this new enhancement of Overtime Request in TimeTec TA:

Edit OT Type Field (Admin Only)

1. Under the Options Available: List of Options, add, edit or remove any desired options.
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