Manforce Group Taking Charge of Its Foreign Workers Through TimeTec TA
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Malaysia | 03/05/2019

Manforce Group (Malaysia) is one of the leading foreign worker solution providers in Malaysia. Founded in 2004 and with over a decade of experience, the company is currently involved in the businesses of foreign workers management services, manual labour services as well as foreign worker insurance products and services. The Group is supplying foreign workers to their customers in various industries which include electrical and electronic manufacturers, shopping centres, food and beverage service providers, hospitality and convenience stores. As such, they are responsible for all these foreign workers salary and therefore, have to take charge of the attendance and OT calculations of the staffs.

The main challenge faced by Manforce Group was to consolidate all of its workers attendance data because their clients are using different time attendance systems. By not using the same system or a centralized data for all workers, they cannot control any delay of reports being sent from the clients and the long process to manually calculate attendance of staff. All all of these problems were causing delays in payroll payout to the staff. Hence, the need to find a solution that works in their favor.

Since one of the competitive strengths of the Group is the use of information technology in the business operation, naturally Manforce Group will turn to the latest technology that can help them solve the problem.

Introduced to TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance by TimeTec, Manforce Group has been able to solve their major issues because not only that TimeTec TA is able to provide the with the real time attendance monitoring, they also can derive the data anytime of the day without having to wait or request from their clients. The use of FingerTec biometric devices, FingerTec Face ID 2 and FingerTec TA200 Plus, also can ensure them that the data that they receive is genuine and not manipulated.
Currently, Manforce Group have successfully implemented TimeTec TA in two of their clients with a total users of 240 foreign workers, and they will continue to add the system to many more clients in the future to improve efficiency going forward.
TimeTec TA is a cloud-based Time Attendance solution that streamlines workforce management for SMEs and MNCs.

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