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   Australia | 05/09/2016
TimeTec TA to the Land Down
Under with GJK Facility Services
GJK Facility Services is one of the largest privately owned providers of cleaning products and services in Australia. Established in 1985 as a family company whose names were George, John & Kerry, GJK is now a company with a presence in all states and territories capable of providing their customers products and services that include cleaning services nationwide, waste management and recycling programs, sanitary hygiene and medical disposal services, pest control, road sweeping, and many more.

After years of continuous operation, GJK has over 2,000 employees with a headquarters in Melbourne and corporate offices in other parts of Australia. GJK is now a subscriber of TimeTec TA for a time attendance system. The company has assigned 190 of its employees to the system and is using the TA200 Plus POE with WiFi connection. The TA200 Plus POE relies on Power over Ethernet for power supply, which comes from a LAN cable connection. With POE, a device does not need to rely on an adapter for power while simultaneously connect to a network connection and transfer data.

GJK has opted for the perfect device in creating a wireless terminal that reduces connection and wiring issues. The TA200 Plus comes with biometrics technology for fingerprint, passcode and RFID card verifications. TimeTec TA’s cloud solution can add the device as a terminal for the system, and any transaction made at the terminal will automatically become data that is stored in TimeTec TA. Administrators can monitor the clocking activities of each assigned user and view their attendance, which displays information including User ID, day type, schedule number, short hour, remarks, and more.
TimeTec TA lets administrators generate the attendance by using filters that will obtain the exact data range that they are looking for. Reports can also be generated and all is automated making it easy for administrators to view the information. Whether for large or small companies, TimeTec TA will make workforce scheduling and staff management easy as employees can login and view their profile, evaluate their own attendance, generate reports, view documents shared by the company, and receive announcements on what happens around the company including birthday notifications.

Companies that have a large number of employees or have those that work offsite and at different schedules can easily connect with each individual assigned to TimeTec TA, ensuring that information is properly circulated. A messaging system is also available within the time attendance system for communication between users.

Installing TimeTec TA can be done easily as GJK Facility Services proved by being an end-user and installing the device and system on their own. Cloud solutions are the thing of the future and TimeTec has plans to offer more of cloud. Subscribe to TimeTec Ta and get 10 user licenses FREE for life.