New Age Caravan Picking Up Speed With TimeTec TA
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Australia | 05/11/2018
The first New Age Caravan came out of production in 2008. By 2009 New Age Caravans had produced 7 different prototypes and designs. The product was taken to the market with an overwhelmingly positive response. New Age has been rightly credited with revolutionising the Caravan Industry. Their devotion and commitment to the R&D of a modern contemporary caravan design has placed them at the forefront of the industry. As of now, production had increased as had the focus on detail, the purchasing process and most importantly the advancement of designs and options available to a burgeoning customer base, with 10 model ranges and 35 layouts available.

New Age Caravan’s state of the art facility is the driving force behind their success. The facility incorporates the latest in technological advances and enables the 130+ workers on the factory floor the ability to be passionate about their work. That’s not all, in line with the company’s growth; they have decided to improve upon their workforce management and New Age believes that in this modern era, automation is the way to go. Taking into account our Australia reseller, BioAccSys Australia’s advices, New Age Caravan made the choice to switch to our Smart Solution: TimeTec TA.

TimeTec TA is not just a solution that allows employees to clock-in their work hours but rather it takes every aspect into the next level. Want more flexibility? TimeTec TA allows for mobile clocking whereby employees at New Age can simply tap their smartphone and their clocking period will be instantly stored into the system. Want more security? All records stored within TimeTec TA cannot be edited without a clear audit trail and only the authorized admins are able to do so. Need real-time monitoring? Staffs’ attendances can be viewed by the HR Management anytime, anywhere with a simple login into TimeTec TA via smartphone or web. Whatever you need for your workforce management, know that TimeTec TA got you covered in every step of the way.

New Age Caravan is currently subscribed to over 200 user subscriptions of TimeTec TA as well as implementing FingerTec Face ID 4 to be used alongside the Smart Solution for a more comprehensive system throughout. That said, the company has been progressing very well ever since the smart implementation. To find out more about TimeTec TA for your businesses, visit our website by clicking on the link below.

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