Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Selangor Switches to Smart Attendance
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Malaysia | 05/11/2020
Dynamic workforce requires a dynamic system; and to achieve improved efficiency in operation, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Selangor made a switch from a punch card system to fingerprint biometrics and smart attendance system.

Working with an experience TimeTec Reseller, Tech Central Solutions, Bomba Selangor equipped its headquarters and 36 of its branches in the state of Selangor with FingerTec TA100C for on-premise attendance clocking, and each staff is furnished with TimeTec Mobile App installed on their smartphones for their on-the-go clocking.

Having the right tool to monitor the attendance of employees, now Bomba can start focusing on what matters, savings lives and making every day better for the people.
Collection of timesheets from each branch is tedious and done once a month
Any discrepancies of staff attendance has to be attended manually by the HR administrator one by one
Manual entry of overtime into HR system is done by referring to the hardcopy timesheets
No backup available for faulty punch card machine
HR administrators receive real-time attendance data from all branches
Each branch’s supervisor has access to the system for shift planning
Staff are assigned to their respective working schedules according to the rotating shifts
TimeTec TA calculates the working hours, overtime, any lateness or absenteeism of the staff
Export various attendance reports for analysis purposes to maintain discipline and performance