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Adding TimeTec Smart Solution Into Workforce Management
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Australia | 05/09/2018
Established in 2000, Almax Aluminium Pty Ltd has quickly grown to become the third largest aluminium extruder in Australia. As a 100% Australian owned company, Almax is committed to providing a superior service to the Australian market. That said, this commitment is further demonstrated in their application of smart solution into their workforce management.

Having two modern factories situated in the suburb of Lytton, Brisbane, Almax skillfully produces alloy products sourced from Australia’s leading aluminium suppliers using cutting edge surface finishing facilities operated by their immense amount of hired staffs. Nonetheless, the company is also focusing on ways to improve upon their staffs’ productivity and this is where our cloud-based time attendance solution: TimeTec TA comes into the picture.

TimeTec TA is a versatile solution that is applicable in various industries. How it does this is that it takes the ubiquitous smartphone and turns it into a device for employees to easily clock-in their working period regardless of the location or time. Not only does this helps boosts the convenience for the employees at Almax but it likewise increases transparency for Almax employers to efficiently review the company’s workforce performance in real-time. With the number of clocking options provided by TimeTec TA (Web, Mobile, Biometrics), Almax employers can rest assured knowing that all clockings data produced are 100% genuine.

Almax has since deployed TimeTec TA onto its premises with over 70 user subscriptions along with FingerTec Face ID 4, which were all acquired from our Australia reseller, BioAccSys Australia. The company has thus been able to systematically boost its capacity and also made plans to extend its usage on our TimeTec TA, seeing the amazing results produced by the setup. Interested to know more about TimeTec TA? Click on the link below to get started!

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