Smarter Attendance With TimeTec TA
Do you find it difficult to manage and monitor the growing workforce in your company? Do you have this constant question mark at the back of you head, wondering whether your workforce has been optimized to the company's advantage? Do you want to take that leap of faith and automate your processes. We think it's about time that you do.

Let TimeTec TA into your organization and let it simplifies all your concerns by automating attendance. What's more, TimeTec TA processes attendance data to give your the comprehensive overview of what matters in your company, and you can access to the updated data at all times. With TimeTec TA, we give you the clear picture of your workforce constantly!
Get Things Done with TimeTec TA
Versatile Clocking Methods: Biometrics, Mobile App, Web
Biometrics (face and/or fingerprint) - Sold separately
Mobile App (GPS, NFC, Wifi, Beacon clocking) - included without extra charge Schedulin
Scheduling and shift made easy, for multiple branches and variety of work hours
Overtime approval fast and immediate
Staff contact from the App
Monitoring of staff from App
Real-time data
View and print reports anytime, from anywhere
Overview of TimeTec TA Application on Major Industries
TimeTec TA system is made flexible and versatile, applicable to most industries.
Other applicable industries:
Attendance Data is More Than Meets the Eye
Assess Productivity
(Time vs production)
(Tardiness, Punctuality, Time Abuse)
(Daily wages, overtime)
Workforce Delegation
(normal day, crunch time)
Easy Management of Shifts/Schedule
Monitor When Necessary
TimeTec TA Gearing Workforce for the Future
TimeTec TA, cloud-based solution that brings workforce management to a whole new level. Data is now stored safely in the cloud allowing you the means of viewing your staff performances from anywhere, at anytime. Once connected via the Internet, you can login and gain access to features that tackle any workforce issues such as monitoring and tracking staff's attendance and whereabouts, create and manage effective scheduling by using multiple scheduling templates, and generate reports automatically.

For greater productivity, TimeTec TA offers mobile applications on your smartphones for both employer and staff to access to TimeTec's features. With this App employees can clock-in their attendance and view their attendance and clocking data history straight from the smartphone.

Managing your staff can be difficult even for small companies especially for those with disciplinary issues among staff members. TimeTec TA is the preventive step for tardiness, absenteeism, and other counterproductive work behaviour through its automated time attendance system, making it easy for companies to assess and evaluate the performance of each individual employee.
Smart Attendance, Further Simplified
Company Profile & Organization Structure
Create the Framework of Your Company From the Get Go
Creation of Company Profile and the creation of multi-layer divisions based on organization structure of a company. From Headquarters to head offices to branches to divisions, and department, TimeTec TA caters to all to ease user management throughout the system.
Basic Attendance Rules
Rules are for Everyone
Input your basic attendance or clocking rules based on the company's attendance policy and the system is made flexible to cater to a variety of rules. While one branch has a different rules or the same, centralize and control all of them from one point.
Check-In Rule/Check-Out Rule
Clock-In, Clock-Out, Clock Right
Determine your company's clocking in and clocking out rules.

Do you allow grace period in check in and check out? If yes, for how many minutes to not be considered late or early out? Can the system apply rounding i.e. from 8:58 to 9:00? TimeTec leaves it to you to determine your rules.
OT Rule
Oversee Overtime Cost Effectively
Overtime is costly for businesses. Stop relying on manual rules and calculations, automate all overtime rules for everybody to adhere.
Attendance Parameters
Control Flexibility with Correct Parameters
Determine the parameters of attendance your company allow for a more effective workforce management.
Flexible Shift Scheduling
Mould the Shifts Flexibly
Embedded HR Integration
Pay Ontime, Everytime!
Embed the processed attendance data to payroll for effective payment preparation.
Multiple Admin Privileges
Managers, Sorted!
Large organizations need more effective managers and TimeTec TA sorts different privileges for admins of your system.
Employee Self-Service
View Your Own Data
Employees get the rights to view their own data, at their own time, on App.
Real Time Data Transmission
Data, Now!
When today's data is so yesterday, real time data is needed in any businesses today.
Multi Level Approvals
Get the People that Matter Involved!
Make approvals easy with multi level approvals, and get approvals instantly.
Instant Notification
Set to alert and notify users/admin for important data and messages
Attendance Reports and Calculation
Accuracy Assured
Get all processed data and calculation accurate everytime.
Export Data Format Customization
Express Export
Customize your Export Data based on the format you want easily through TimeTec TA
Report it Right
Produce various presentable reports i.e Electronic Time Card, Tardiness, Job Cost Analysis, Attendance Summary and more.
Logo Customization
Make it Your Own
Change the UI to your company logo to have that sense of ownership
Attendance on App
App-It Up!
The App is rich and useful for everyday use in the office and away!