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Running Staff Attendance Effectively in the Fitness Industry
Keeping the Gym Healthy
Healthy lifestyle is in trend nowadays, as more and more people are becoming health-conscious and starting to subscribe to fitness plans, clubs and gymnasiums around the world. Fitness establishments started to sprout and many of the operators chose to offer around the clock services to cater to the different lifestyles and schedules of the clients, on top of maintaining the healthy fiscal position of the gyms or the health clubs.

Having adequate space and equipments is important for fitness operators but a more crucial aspect is for these places to offer something extra. They need to bring in the right people at all times in order to advance the business to the next level. In doing so, the planning of the instructors, trainers, and managers schedules have to be done right alongside with the work schedules of other employees such as sales, customer service, cleaners and etc. This is to ensure customer’s experience and satisfaction are at its peak.
Imagine having a class full of members whereby the assigned instructor was tardy or even worse, failed to show up to conduct the class. Frequent absences or tardiness of trainers and instructors would cost the fitness operator a whole lot more when members eventually decided to switch to other more reliable operators.

Nonetheless, scheduling employees for a 24/7 operation can be a daunting task when the admin needs to effectively manage the schedules from various departments of trainers & instructors, managers, and sales team. Combined it with the occasional peak hours, high seasons, part-time employees, and multiple shifts scenarios; you will soon notice that the task of scheduling a gymnasium is far from easy.

To tackle this matter head on, one useful tool that gyms or fitness operators must seek out for is a time and attendance solution that can plan/manage scheduling right, track staff attendance details, provide various clocking options and generate accurate records/reports for better staff management.
Let's explore what are the useful features TimeTec TA cloud-based time attendance solution can offer to fitness operators.
Exercise Scheduling Easily
The most important feature in time & attendance solution is its scheduling and shift modules. Most often, fitness operators do not just operate a single branch. However, even if the management of the gymnasium operates at different locations, the gym can still monitor the staff’s performance and effectiveness right from the web or the app regardless of the time and location.

Staff Scheduling Made Easy with TimeTec TA
Nevertheless, the solution deployed must also be able to track all training lists, highlight staff vacations, employees on leave and other off-work plans to provide the gym with the high ROI of its people. The gym must look for a solution that can optimize the resources available for the fiscal benefit of the company without putting a risk on its all year round operation.
Trim that Unnecessary Labor Cost
When the scheduling are done right and monitoring of the staffs is set in place, the gym can trim any unnecessary labor cost due to inefficiency in their workforce management. Which is why a solution like TimeTec TA offers establishments like gymnasiums the ability to input multiple locations/departments in addition to authorizing their fitness employees to work at their assigned locations only. This is done so by using GPS geofencing, a feature in TimeTec TA whereas employees can only clock in to work when they are around the location permitted by the management.

Geofencing in TimeTec TA places a boundary in employee clocking and they can clock in the highlighted area only

To ensure that your gym is providing a dynamic mix of trainers and instructors, schedule them properly while keeping an eye on the cost to maintain a healthy gymnasium with long sustainability. It is best to know that over staffing a gym with expensive trainers or under staffing it could cost the gym a great deal. At the end of the day, a healthy gym is one that provides a great workout place with a range of training options at an affordable price and also let’s not forget, the amazing staffs’ services provided.

Calculate the cost accurately with Job Cost feature in TimeTec TA

Provide Accurate Reporting
A time attendance tool for a gymnasium management must have flexible pay rules such as to compute overtime and extra pay for gym employees working on public holidays, certain days or hours of the day, irregular shifts, etc. A solution like TimeTec TA allows users or admins to do just that by providing them with the feature to adjust the shift’s scheduled start and end times to reflect the actual time worked and the revised hours/costs.
Amend clocking data through Approval Request feature via App
Users can also add notes and reasons to explain deviations as well as to provide time attendance data regarding payroll for gym operator management to make informed decisions at all times. Each staff including trainers, coaches and instructors can view their own attendance on the matching App like the one TimeTec TA has on both Android and iOS platforms.

View one,s performance in TimeTec TA is a great way to promote transparency between staff and employer
By having this level of transparency, it creates comfort and builds the trust between the establishment and its people, thus bringing the sense of belonging into play. On the other hand, the management can also view the readily available 26 reports including Electronic Time Card, Weekly Analysis, Daily Analysis, and many more to obtain accurate data that could better improve the management of these fitness places.

Simple Yet Comprehensive Attendance Management
TimeTec TA provides gym management with a tool to update detailed employee records in the system and the data updated will remained uniform all throughout to avoid any confusion or overlapping of data. All data in TimeTec TA is kept at a cloud-server, free from manipulation and all edits in TimeTec TA will be highlighted and recorded in an audit trail. TimeTec TA also provides ways to plan for holidays and leave with the inclusion of TimeTec Leave under one platform. Attendance data obtained from the system can easily be linked to payroll solution every month’s end thus reducing a lot of manual work that takes up a chunk of your invaluable time.
Pay As You Go
These days, the solutions offered in the market, particularly cloud-based solutions, do not require an organization or a business entity to buy an expensive one-off solution that comes attached with many other additional costs such as yearly maintenance, software update and etc. Instead, cloud-based solutions like TimeTec TA are giving businesses an option to consume and to pay for what you need based on the duration that you desire. For example, if you have a fitness business with 50 staff, it will cost you USD100 per month and when the business grows, you can easily add more with minimal additional cost at USD2 per user per month. With the affordable price offered, all of the software updates are immediate and free of hidden charges, and the solution is accessible around the clock.

TimeTec TA, A Smarter Choice
Sooner or later, technology disruption will arrive to disrupt all industries and in order to get ready for the changes that come, gym operators need to think of a way to automate processes to achieve better performance. TimeTec TA is a comprehensive yet flexible tool for gym operators to manage their workforce’s schedule, to track their staff’s attendance and to gather all the data for various other purposes.
Learn how TimeTec TA can assist your company in meeting the company's workforce discipline and productivity in one cloud-based solution. At an affordable price, TimeTec TA will make your time attendance and scheduling management more efficient and convenient.

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