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Time Attendance Software for Retail Outlet Management
The Reality of Retail Business
Retailers are more often than not, born multitaskers. They have so much to juggle simultaneously and at the same time constantly thinking about driving customers into the outlets to increase sales. Running a retail outlet translates to having to take care of various aspects of the business, from ordering inventory, to product display, to training staff, to scheduling staff shift, to keep an eye on competitors, to planning for in-store events, to scheduling online marketing and the list goes on. And this is required in running one retail store; the requirements multiply when a retailer is running multiple stores at once.
One of the most important parts of running a retail business is this 6-letter word - PEOPLE. If managing retail stores is hard, imagine managing diverse and various employees in multiple stores. Hiring and training the right people are crucial to the success of your retail business. It’s impossible for you to be physically present at all stores all the time to monitor the performance of the staff. Therefore, it is crucial that retail businesses are able to recognize and arm their business with the right tools and technology that can help monitor the staff effortlessly and effectively.

Technology creates automation and in managing a multi-outlet business, you need to consider scouting for a better solution for your business processes where you can obtain invaluable data that gives you that data-driven decision making power and complete overview of what's happening in your retail outlets day in and day out, in real-time.

In Lisa Disselkamp's No Boundaries, How to Use Time and Labor Management Technology to Win the Race for Profits and Productivity states that attendance is a big problem in many organizations because it can immediately impact a business's bottom line. If no one performs an authorized, reimbursable, billable service, the revenue that would have been gained is lost. And retail industry is particularly sensitive to the attendance problem because a store might not be able to open until a manager is on duty or enough cashiers are in place.
One tool that retailers require is a time and attendance solution that is able to track not only the detail staff's attendance but also manage shift scheduling for better staff management.

Let's take a look of the useful features TimeTec TA cloud-based time attendance solution offers to retail business owners.

Moving Forward with TimeTec TA
When scouting for a time attendance solution for retail industry, pay attention to these 3 main aspects. First is the ability to provide your team with hassle-free scheduling tool, second is the system must be able to deliver a fast and effective time tracking tool, and third, the system must offer a simpler yet dynamic and comprehensive attendance management. TimeTec TA is a cloud-based time attendance management solution that comes in web and App version. With TimeTec TA, employees can clock using 5 clocking options, namely biometrics, web clocking through a PC, and 3 clocking options through a smartphone; beacon, NFC tag and GPS. While clocking option is an important tool to gather the data, the software settings and options are even crucial for retail businesses’ implementation, and TimeTec TA is loaded with various features suitable for the retailers to use to improve their processes and operation.

Schedule Fast, Schedule Right
It's important that retailers have all the scheduled planned way ahead and have a tool that can cater to the unplanned changes so they can track the extra cost incurred due to unforeseen circumstance. The planned schedules are important to determine that the company complies to the labor law, the overtime law, the rest day payment calculation and etc.

TimeTec TA comes with a scheduling module that allows your managers to plan for your staff schedule ahead of time and by doing this, the staff can access to their individual work schedule at anytime from anywhere easily, and managers will not be burdened to answer "what is my work schedule?" question from the staff.
Set Your Schedule Right Easily with TimeTec TA
The system teaches the staff to be independent, self-reliant and responsible when they can access to their schedule. The setup of work schedules in TimeTec TA also makes sure that the managers in charge are in compliance with the local labor rules to protect the company from any risky decisions. TimeTec TA also is equipped with the element of communication whereby the managers and the staff alike can communicate with each other using the same platform. If in case the staff is not be able to report to work or the staff needs to remedy the attendance data, feature like swap shift and attendance approval respectively can handle that effortlessly.

Communication between different level is breezy in TimeTec TA

Fast & Effective Time Tracking
People's performance is second to none in the success of a retail business and having indiscipline staff is a definitely a no-no. TimeTec TA provides a tool for the management to naturally monitor the staff's activities in real time. Each time a staff clocks, the time will be updated in the system in real-time and the management and the staff will get to see their performance at once. TimeTec TA also provides a monitoring feature that lets the managers know when a staff does not appear on time at work and when they need to provide a replacement for the absent staff and remedy the situation immediately.

Monitor the Staff to Maintain Smooth Operation
TimeTec TA does not keep employees in the dark about their attendance, they can access to their data from their smartphone and the web at any time and communicate with the superior on correcting any time discrepancies with Approval request feature.

Approval request feature promotes transparency and trust
Having a system like TimeTec TA that includes user/staff module empower the employees on some level, making them feel that sense of belonging and responsible for their own performance.
Simple Yet Comprehensive Attendance Management
Another feature to be considered in a time management software is its comprehensiveness. TimeTec TA provides management with a tool to update detailed employee records in the system and it’s uniform all throughout to avoid any confusion or overlapping of data.

Employee data is recent and accessible
All data is kept at a cloud-server, free from manipulation and all edits in TimeTec TA will be highlighted and recorded in audit trail. TimeTec TA also provides ways to plan for holidays and leave with the inclusion of TimeTec Leave under one platform.

With TimeTec TA, nothing is lost in translations.
All data is kept at a cloud-server, free from manipulation and all edits in TimeTec TA will be highlighted and recorded in audit trail. TimeTec TA also provides ways to plan for holidays and leave with the inclusion of TimeTec Leave under one platform.

Attendance data obtained from the system can easily be linked to payroll solution every month end, reducing a lot of manual work that takes up a chunk of your resources invaluable time.

Pay As You Go
These days, the solutions offered in the market particularly cloud-based solutions do not require an organization or a business entity to buy an expensive one-off solution that comes with many other additional costs attached to it like yearly maintenance, software update and etc. Instead, cloud-based solutions like TimeTec TA are giving an option for businesses to consume and to pay for what you need based on the duration that you desire. For example, if you have a retail business with 40 staff, you only have to pay for 3 blocks (one block is free for a lifetime) that will cost you USD60 per month and when the business grows, you can easily add more with minimal additional cost at USD2 per user per month. With the affordable price offered, all the software updates are immediate and free of hidden charges, and the solution is accessible around the clock.

TimeTec TA, A Smarter Choice
Sooner or later, technology disruption will arrive to disrupt all industries and in order to get ready for the changes that come, retailers need to think of a way to automate processes to achieve better performance. TimeTec TA is a comprehensive yet flexible tool for retailers to manage their workforce’s schedule, to track their staff’s attendance and to gather all the data for various other purposes.

Get TimeTec TA trial at https://www.timetecta.com/free_trial and contact info@timeteccloud.com for consultation.
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