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Australia | 05/04/2018
ToothKind Timing Workforce Via TimeTec TA
Managing employees is not an easy feat especially when it involves different shift types, different work schedules, different locations, different supervisors and etc. Every company is looking for an effective system that can tackle this employee issue without putting a hole in the pocket.

ToothKind is an Australian dental company that offers specific and personally tailored dental treatments to suit every individual needs. Having office branches situated in four different location of Australia, ToothKind had to look for a way to oversee the availability of their dentists and assistants in Beerwah, Deagon, Jimboomba and Little Mountain, in order for them to deliver tip top service to their growing clients. Since ToothKind is offering professional services, all the experts and the staffs involved need to adhere to the appointments set or they need to be ready to offer replacements, if necessary, in crucial cases.

Implementing a solution like TimeTec TA can definitely provide ToothKind management with important information at all times in real-time in order to run a successful and smooth operation. TimeTec TA is a cloud-based time attendance and workforce management solution that cater to various clocking methods including biometrics devices, smartphone via beacon, GPS and NFC, making it easy for the staff to report their work times. And the solution also offers a selection of schedules like Daily, Weekly, Flexi and Overnight that the company can manipulate to their advantage. At one price, TimeTec TA comes with TimeTec App on smartphones that does not only allow staff to clock in via their mobile but also to provide managers with a tool to view their staffs’ attendances, view overall attendances, approve overtime, monitor one's presence and get ready for replacement if necessary, and many more.

With the amazing features that TimeTec TA offers, this solution is definitely a perfect fit for ToothKind operation. What’s more, TimeTec TA can produce 31 useful and presentable reports for the client to use.

ToothKind is currently using TimeTec TA along with FingerTec biometric terminals Q2i and TA200 Plus supplied by our Australian Reseller, BioAccSys.

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