TNB-IT Monitors Contract Staff Attendance with GPS on Mobile App
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Malaysia | 05/08/2019
TNB-IT, one of Tenaga Nasional Berhad subsidiaries has found a solution to their attendance woes involving contract staff with TimeTec TA. Starting July 2019, the company has subscribed to TimeTec cloud-based attendance solution to overcome various challenges in managing their contract employees for around 100 people.

These contract employees are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all IT related equipment such as smart meter at the clients place. Therefore, staff monitoring is the main concern of the company because most of the time, these employees are mobile and scattered around the city doing their tasks. With the manual attendance system, there are rampant cases of buddy punching whereby the fellow colleague clocks in for the absent or tardy ones. There are also cases where staff forgot to clock in and out, and they are left with no attendance data for the admin to work on. And on top of that, the TNB-IT admin has to manually calculate the work hours and overtime taken to prepare for payroll which is not only a tedious task but also prone to errors.

The feature of TimeTec TA that is appealing to TNB-IT is the GPS clocking made available in the mobile App of TimeTec TA. This feature allows the system to track staff location when the staff are assigned to the various sites. With TimeTec TA as a tool on their smartphone, the staff will need to use the GPS clocking whenever they are assigned to the sites. Once the GPS clocking is done, the supervisor can view their current location in real time. Another feature that is important to TNB-IT is the clocking monitoring, where the staff will receive notification via mobile app as a reminder to clock. This feature has been able to solve the problem of staff who do not have attendance data because they always use the excuse of “forget to clock in”. On top, this solution has a Mobile ID for each staff to eliminate buddy punching occurrences. By using mobile clocking, each staff will have their own mobile ID that is automatically captured from their mobile phone and they cannot login by using other colleagues’ mobile phones to do the same.
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At the same time, TNB-IT wants to use automatic work hour/OT calculation feature in TImeTec TA to cater to their flexible work hours with specific IN and OUT range. In TimeTec TA, users can use ‘flexi schedule’ with specific settings on the IN and OUT range and the work hour/OT also will be automatically calculated for convenience.

Monitoring of mobile staff is not an easy feat to tackle by any organization and TimeTec TA has provided TNB-IT with a perfect solution to their attendance problems. Right now all TNB-IT contract staff are using TimeTec TA and the management has a plan to introduce TimeTec TA to other related departments that have similar challenges in the future.