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FingerTec News | 05/07/2020
Understanding These Industries

An important sector that contributes significantly to the economic growth of a nation. The construction industry creates concrete infrastructure with fit-for-purpose building materials. With its activities disperse all over the sectors, today’s builders have more legitimate reasons to be protected.

The shrinking labour in the construction industry did not just happen overnight. Labour force becomes scarce can be all due to the arduous nature of tasks with unfair wages treatment. Regardless of the project size, the progress of work often requires a sizable labour force.

What can the management do to enhance project performance while maintaining its interest as the beneficiary in the game?

Another vital source for a thriving nation’s economy is the retail businesses. Sales that generate from producing, distributing, and selling the broad variety of goods mirror the economic indicator. In fact, it is indubitably that everyone is a consumer and consumers are everywhere. Think about the goods we all require every day and how essential it is to protect the supply chain. Retailing has certainly made the board as one indispensable industry and has made prominence the human nature of trading habits.

This sector reflects its importance of the management of complex retail operations, the application of the latest trending market knowledge and the control of data and information. Those are the keys to support and adapt retailers to fast-changing environments.

Are retailers highly aware of these key factors?

The measurable economic strength of a country depends extensively on the development of manufacturing industries. This sector displays an outgrowth of job opportunities whereby deriving positive figures on the case of unemployment and poverty eradication.

To make great strides toward equality and in balancing the needs of a growing workforce, the company needs to build and grow. Managing routine transactional activities, reviewing multiple workers’ schedule amendment requests, planning workflow efficiency, space requirement and equipment layout can turn out heavyweight in particular in this industry, especially how the digital workforce in manufacturing has proven to be more efficient. By the concern of the revenues and production are meant to satisfy the supply and demand in the market, jobs that cannot be replaced by technology that can only be carried out by its people are well worth protecting.

Are manufacturers prepared for the digitizing storm in the coming decade?
Three of the Biggest Industries by Revenue share ONE identical workforce challenges
• On-site Workers
• Off-site Workers
• Shift Workers
• Fixed term Workers
• Different branches of workers
• Transfer of Employees
• Shift Workers
• Full-time Workers
• Part-time Workers
• Shift Workers
• Fixed term Workers
Workers in these fields are important, however, they are hard to stay connected to when workstation and working hours may vary. But does this mean to have to make the monitoring system more rigid? Excessive supervision can lead to a great impact on workers’ working attitude because many employees despise micromanaging and believe this affects morale.
Other Workflow Pain Points are

  Inflexibility in management workflow
  Difficult to measure progress
  Unclear periodic spending opportunity cost (human resources, inventory resources etc.)
  Management redundant tasks burden
To overcome these challenges and address them more effectively

TimeTec TA
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  Labour Mobility
Replace traditional attendance management with Mobile App Solution Mobile Clocking Verification Methods
  Management Workflow
A more user-friendly attendance monitoring process Real-time Attendance Data Available
  Production Efficiency
Improve work schedules communication via one platform Flexible Work Schedules Approval & Editing
  Work Performances
More visibility into the progress of work and people expenditure Record of Honesty with Up to 40 Types of Reports Format Readily Available
  Resources Allocation
Reduce burnouts by delegating repetitive work to machines Mobile Clocking Verification Methods
  Team Success
Showing trust by giving employees the right to access and view their day-to-day punctuality Monitor Personal Work Performances All-time via App or web browser
  Competitive Advantage
Strengthen business agility in outperforming competitors with modern and latest digital adaptation IoT Cloud-based Technology for higher production rates
Set up ways with the right solution that can proactively resolve your concerns and deliver plenty more than just the essentials. TimeTec provides a transparent system that covers the many aspects of concerns that the Construction, the Retailer, the Manufacturing industries have.
Actively invest in the workforce for a better return of efficacy in revenues.
The choices are set to impact the job market, and first and foremost,
Your Business!

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