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Malaysia | 30/05/2019
Dah Makan is one of the leading food delivery services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offering foods and beverages prepared by their in-house chefs. Dah Makan is a product of Farm to Fork, a company that provides services by taking orders for delivery through its mobile app or web. Dah Makan is a Malay phrase equivalent to (Dah) Already (Makan) Eaten in English and the brand has gotten a lot of buzz from the city dwellers for its original dishes and excellent services. Currently, the operation is running on multiple branches across Kuala Lumpur to cover different delivery areas. However, as the demand rises, the plan of service expansion to other states is in the pipeline.
The major challenge faced by Farm to Fork on workforce monitoring is to have all the supervisors keep an eye on full time and part time employees with different shifts. At the moment, their kitchen crew is working on 12-hour rotational shift with one supervisor making sure there are enough resources to fulfill the incoming demands during the day’s delivery period. Hence, a practical tool is a must to ensure a flawless operation.
Consequently, TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance system has been the system of choice for Dah Makan because through the system the supervisors can easily arrange the staff shifts to produce accurate attendance and precise workforce analysis. Shifts can be predetermined and supervisors will just have to assign the shifts accordingly and make replacements whenever required to ease operation.

3 Easy Attendance Clocking Methods
Biometric Terminals
Mobile Phone
Web Clocking
TimeTec TA offers various attendance data collection including GPS, Wifi, Beacon, NFC and biometrics. However, Dah Makan chooses FingerTec biometrics face recognition to be installed at the main entrance for door access and attendance data with all the data sent to the TimeTec mobile App to ease monitoring task and simplify data analysis for the management. Face ID 2 is a contactless biometrics product by FingerTec, suitable for food service industry for it poses no risk of cross contamination happening at the machine, plus it has a capacity large enough (3000 face templates) to sustain an expanding brand like Dah Makan.
Deployment of TimeTec TA in an establishment like Dah Makan is timely because the TimeTec TA is not only offering modern cloud technology complete with an App for convenience, it is also a scalable and cost effective time attendance system to cater to the expanding service business of an ecommerce merchant like Dah Makan.