The Time to Switch Your Time Attendance System is Now!
FingerTec News | 05/06/2020
The working trends have been presenting a major shift since the Covid-19 health scare. For more than a decade biometric finger scanning has been adopted by offices and factories worldwide. But as the figure of infections and death toll dominate headlines daily, the touching of common surfaces has been perceived as a risk of contagious action.

Observing that the Covid-19 will be casting a long shadow over the usual way we perform our routine work check, over hundreds of corporations big and small across sectors have suspended this once ‘high-tech’ workplace technology - biometric attendance.

The guardians of each organization’s human capital and security have been re-assessed. More precisely, this exceptional circumstance has been pushing corporations and premises to address new security and hygiene issues by switching to ‘touch-less’ technology and approaches.

Are you one of the many businesses out there that are racing to find solutions, hoping to holistically address Covid-19 concerns while maintaining workplace attendance procedures?
TimeTec has just the solution for you
• 4 Easy Steps
Step 1 - Take out your Personal Smartphone
Step 2 - Launch TimeTec TA App
Step 3 - Tap on icon
Step 4 - Attendance Checked!

• Social distancing can be kept at all times. Available for all 3 conditions:
(i) On-Prem clocking
(ii) On-the-Go clocking
(iii) Work from Home clocking
• GPS location coordinates will be captured

• Clocking history is readily available for all-time tracing

• A remark column to make mandatory for staff to input the contact information of the person they got in contact with
• Daily health check monitoring & recording feature

• Immediate notification to PIC

• Authentic body temperature record stored in one centralized system
• Reduce Operation Cost

• Manage redundant works without overexploiting manpower

• Improve work productivity

• Paperless solution to generate reports

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution supported by appropriate and strong software protocols. This new process of TimeTec TA will solve your workplace bottleneck far beyond your expectations. Scalable enough to help you catch up to the new regulations you need to meet and the new technological approach you wish to seek in the present and in the future.
Choose TimeTec TA, our solution can serve you for an extensive long period of time. And, remember, the time for change is Now.
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