Shift Management Made Easy with TimeTec TA for JDK Management
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Australia | 03/05/2019
JDK Management Pty Ltd. is a family-owned and operated business located in Shepparton city in Northern Victoria, Australia. Founded over 25 years ago, JDK Management is indeed one of Sheppartons largest storage warehouses, run with the latest technology and efficient inventory management systems to safekeep over 35000 pallet storage capacity of items. To date, the company is offering cold & dry storage, blast freezing, container loading and import container unloading facilities and inverting product - pallets to their local clients around the city.

Operating in two different sites requires the company to keep track of the worker’s activities and juggle the worker’s shift management in order to ensure excellent customer service provided to their growing customer base. To better manage its workforce, recently JK Management decided to install FingerTec biometric devices in the warehouses to monitor the daily attendance of the staffs. The reason for choosing biometrics over other technology is due to the fact that data from biometric devices is honest and accurate. Biometrics also has been proven easy to use, does not require staff to carry any tokens such as a card or a key and the data from the devices is compatible to TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance system that caters to remote on the go attendance using Mobile App.

JDK Management employs close to 50 staff and their warehouse workers work in shift. With TimeTec TA, arranging workers shift is easy with Customised User Duty Planner, where the Admin can prearrange the shifts and make changes when necessary along the way without much hassle. By having all of the shift workers in one system that can be monitored, the company saves a lot of time and they can take comfort that their warehouses are in good hands at all times.

Installation of TimeTec TA at JDK Management has been made successful by TimeTec reseller in Australia, BioAccSys Australia located in Gold Coast, Queensland.
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