Yet Another Two Clocking Methods for TimeTec TA
FingerTec News | 04/10/2019
TimeTec TA, the cloud-based time attendance system designed by TimeTec, offers not only one but a whopping SIX clocking method for user convenience. As if those are not enough, TimeTec just adds another two latest addition to the clocking methods via QF Master app and QR Master.

Right now, TimeTec TA has a total of EIGHT clocking methods at users' disposal.
Web Clocking
Clocking through one's PC
Mobile Clocking -

Clocking through company's permitted WiFi connection(s)
Mobile Clocking -

Clocking with location tracking data intact
Mobile Clocking -

Clocking with a beacon installed at select locations in the office
Mobile Clocking -

Clocking with an NFC tag installed at select locations in the office
Mobile Clocking -
QR Master (NEW)

Clocking with company-issued QR Codes
Biometrics Clocking
The versatile fingerprint/face device for identity verification
Biometrics Clocking -
QF Master App (NEW)

Attendance data from the QF Master App can connect to TimeTec TA directly without going through TimeTec Access.
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