The Distance Calculator in TimeTec TA for Claims
FingerTec News | 05/09/2019
TimeTec TA is a cloud-based attendance preferred by many, from SMEs to MNCs, and TimeTec TA can cater to the needs of the organization in the area of time clocking and scheduling. To further provide the users of TimeTec TA with more useful features, TimeTec introduces the Distance Calculator aimed to give the employer and employees estimated travel distance for mobile workers based on the clocking activities on TimeTec TA.
The objective is to tie the travel distance for claims with the actual mileage that the employees took during workhours.

When the users apply this feature within TimeTec TA, the system will calculate the distance between the clocking locations and provide a distance estimation. The mileage offered is only an estimation based on Google Map suggestion, and the result may vary depending on the route suggested by Google Map. To proceed, a user or an admin needs to select the employee name and the date range for the system to list down all the clocking locations within the selected period. Once all the clocking data and sites are listed, a user needs to remove unnecessary clocking locations before he proceeds to the next step to get him the results he wants. A user can save the results as PDF for his records, and he can also email it to the relevant person-in-charge for reference and further action.

To use this feature, a user needs to enable location option in the smartphone with Mobile Clocking feature and please note that no GPS location information provided for FingerTec Terminal Clocking Data. Additionally, those who are using web clocking with GPS location tracking can also be using this calculator.

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TimeTec will release the BETA version of this feature in August 2019, and all customers can use the BETA version for free. However, this feature may incur additional charges once we release it officially.

Watch out for the announcement and take advantage of the BETA version to gauge the benefits of it to your work processes.

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