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Malaysia | 05/09/2019
The brown sugar boba milk tea has taken the world by storm, and in Malaysia, Xing Fu Tang, the Taiwanese bubble tea brand emerges as one of the most famous brands in the battle of these beverages in this nation. JJ Infinitea is one of Xing Fu Tang franchisees that opens its first outlet in the famous Sunway Pyramid shopping mall located in Selangor, Malaysia since June 2019. Since then, the customer queue is never-ending for the craze of their signature drinks continues.

In making sure that they serve their customers on time and effectively, JJ Infinitea turns to TimeTec to find the solution that can cater to the rigorous schedule for its workforce. The tea outlet opens for 12 hours, seven days a week all year long; hence, the solution must attend to shifts, weekend schedules, and overtime of their workforce. Apart from that, the proposed workforce solution must be cost-effective and accurate because attendance data are directly related to salary. JJ Infinitea understands that as a retail operator, they must keep the overhead cost manageable.

Through GenX Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, TimeTed trusted partner in cloud solutions, JJ Infinitea introduced to a combination of biometrics and cloud-based technology. The biometrics technology provides them with accurate and honest attendance while the cloud-based attendance offers instant real-time data, transparency , and mobility. JJ Infinitea agreed to install the FingerTec TA700W fingerprint device that connects to TimeTec TA for cloud attendance. All staffs have to clock attendance using the biometrics device, and the data is available straight away in the server for the management viewing via the mobile application or the Web browser. The real-time nature of the information enables the manager/boss to monitor staff's punctuality, particularly during the opening of the outlet in the morning. No fingerprint data available translate to, no clocking data. And that is the beauty of this combination for no one can time cheat the company purposely.
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What's more, TimeTec TA is also an ideal tool for the management to capture the workhours of the part-time employees, who receive hourly pay. TimeTec TA records all working and overtime hours accurately for salary calculation, enabling the company to maintain the cost, effectively. The ability of TimeTec TA to handle different working schedules and arranging of various shifts is an essential tool for an outlet like JJ Infinitea to ensure an adequate workforce during operation.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution for workforce time attendance, available on App and Web. TimeTec TA offers multiple clocking device options for clients' convenience such as biometrics devices, a smartphone that can read NFC, GPS, Beacon, and Wifi, or even clocking through Web on a PC. Clients can choose to mix and match the clocking options depending on the budget and requirements of the company. More importantly, TimeTec TA can manage staff scheduling, shifts, and rosters, as well as can cater to staff mobility by capturing attendance data via GPS location tag. TimeTec TA is a suitable tool for SMEs the likes of JJ Infinitea due to its affordability and utmost convenience. At only USD2 per user per month, the company can gather accurate attendance information of its workforce based on the company's settings and preference.

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GenX Technology (M) Sdn Bhd is an expert partner for TimeTec TA, and TimeTec Leave workforce solutions in the Klang Valley.