Q 1. Why do you infer that TimeTec TA is safer than other attendance methods?
  A TimeTec TA has an App that can be installed in a smartphone. This alone reduces the chance of cross-contamination because your phone is your private property and we assume you don't share your phone with strangers. Compared to attendance machines such as fingerprint, TimeTec TA definitely safer for employees.
  Q 2. What are the differences between TimeTec TA System and Malaysia government's Gerak Malaysia, MySejahtera and MyTrace App?
  A The three government Apps are individually motivated; each has its sole objective and simple feature to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. The MySejahtera is for individuals to submit health declaration, Gerak Malaysia is for movement application and control during lockdown period, and MyTrace App enables the identification of people who are close to an infected person. TimeTec TA, on the other hand, is business motivated. It is a comprehensive cloud-based time attendance management system, with an enhanced module to record staffs' body temperatures and their health records. It also has traceable locations of the mobile employees and people they met daily to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Once the Covid-19 crisis is over, the government systems are expected to shut down entirely, whereas the TimeTec TA system will stay to benefit the business owners and smoothen many aspects of their daily operation, and it should be considered as a part of the digital transformation process for your company.
Product TimeTec TA TimeTec VMS MySejahtera Gerak Malaysia MyTrace SELangkah (Selangor State)
Objective To record staff attendance complete with health monitoring and close contact tracing To manage visitors to premises complete with health screening and close contact tracing For individuals to submit health declaration For individuals to submit movement application and control during lockdown period To identify people who are close to an infected person For the state government to track close contacts in case of confirmed Covid-19 cases
Applicable to Company Company Individual Individual Individual Company
App App QR code or App App App App QR code
Features Flexible & comprehensive attendance system Flexible & comprehensive visitor management system Single purpose with limited features Single purpose with limited features Single purpose with limited features Single purpose with limited features
Usage post Covid-19 Crisis Yes Yes No No No No
Value add to the business process Yes Yes No No No No
Data Ownership Business Owner (Data submission to authority when required) Business Owner (Data submission to authority when required) Government Government Government Government
Security ISO27001 ISO27001 Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed
Mandatory to Compliance/ Effectiveness Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Individually motivated/Uncertain Individually motivated/Uncertain Individually motivated/Uncertain Yes/Uncertain
Business Digital Transformation Yes Yes No No No No
  Q 3. What contactless devices compatible with TimeTec TA and suitable to apply at the office amid Covid-19?
  A Besides personal smartphones, FingerTec face recognition devices such as Face ID 4 and QF Plus are also compatible with TimeTec TA. Find our other models in the link below:
  Q 4. Does the solution come with a thermometer or we have to furnish our own?
  A The solution does not come with a thermometer, you need to source an infrared thermometer or a thermal sensor yourself. Choose a high precision thermometer for more accurate results. However, TimeTec offers a complimentary infrared thermometer for FREE if you are subscribing to TimeTec TA for a duration of 2 years.
  Q 5. What happens when a temperature indicates fever?
  A A body temperature of above 38℃ is a red flag. The person who is tasked to take the temperature of the employee must notify the office in-charge person and record the data in TimeTec TA immediately. It is best not to allow an employee who has a fever to access the building until he/she has gone for a medical checkup and be cleared of Covid-19. Note: 10% off for TimeTec subscribers when the Covid-19 test is carried out with Doctor2u (BP Lab). This promotion is valid in Malaysia only. Check out this link for the details: Doctor2U
  Q 6. Can the temperature data in TimeTec TA be manipulated to avoid legal implication by the authority?
  A No, the data can't be manipulated as such. The temperature data that has been added cannot be edited. Temperature data will include the time and the person's name who added the data.
  Q 7. The App provides 4 clocking methods. Can the staff use them freely or can the company dictate on those options?
  A The company has the rights to decide which clocking methods should be imposed on its employees. Each employee might not have the same clocking methods based on their working nature. And the GPS option is equipped with geofence for the company to determine the radius that clocking can start within an allowed area.
  Q 8. For mobile workers, how would TimeTec TA help prevent the spread of Covid-19?
  A Traceability is very important when it comes to a confirmed infected case. In TimeTec TA, the mobile workers have to clock when they reach one destination, and they need to input the people they meet on the remark column. All this traceable information is important to break the chain of virus spread and it is useful in our effort to combat Covid-19.
  Q 9. Do we need to top up the fee to use the App?
  A Absolutely not! The App is included when you subscribed to TimeTec TA.
  Q 10. Is the App available on all platforms?
  A It is available on both, Android and iOS platforms.
  Q 11. Can the company settings be done from the App?
  A The App is an interface for clocking, monitoring and viewing purposes. General settings must be done from the web portal. However, the settings for monitoring staff tardiness can be done from the App.
  Q 12. Can you explain what mileage claim calculation is in this App?
  A Mileage claim calculation is a distance calculator between clocking locations in the TimeTec TA app. Reports can be generated to display the total distance travelled from one location to another, as TimeTec TA calculates the distance based on the data from Google Map. This is useful for sales personnel who are entitled to mileage claims.
  Q 13. What is the monitoring feature and how the boss can use that to manage companies?
  A Bosses or HR can specify certain employees to be monitored by setting the parameters in the TimeTec TA app. They will be notified via the app if the employees are late, working on short hours and more.
  Q 14. If half of the staff is working from home, and the rest operates from the office, can the data from these two be consolidated to give me an overall picture?
  A Yes. TimeTec TA is a cloud-based time attendance system that centralizes all the attendance data of a company regardless of the location of the office or the whereabouts of the employees. This is one of the major benefits of TimeTec TA, the consolidation of all clocking methods with accurate attendance analysis for a company.
  Q 15. How easy is the deployment of this system?
  A For companies with less than 50 employees, the initial setup will only take around 60 minutes or less. If you only want to choose mobile clocking method, some setup in the web is required. Then, the staff will need to install the App from the mobile App store and login to their own account to begin clocking.
  Q 16. Can a company simply DIY?
  A Yes. Setup guides and tips are available in almost every module in the system. If you wish to subscribe after the trial, you can do so on your administrator account without having to contact us! If you are having trouble or not sure how to do it, connect with us at support@timeteccloud.com.
  Q 17. What payroll systems are integrable with TimeTec TA?
  A Find out the list of payroll that can be integrated with TimeTec TA. List of payroll If yours is not on the list, no worries. Contact info@timeteccloud.com and we will figure it out for you.
  Q 18. Is this system scalable? If we subscribe to more now, can we reduce the user amount in the future?
  A Yes, with TimeTec TA, you can add the user count as needed. However, reducing the user count would only be applicable at the next licence renewal.
  Q 19. Where to make payment to buy this solution?
  A You can subscribe to TimeTec TA by purchasing user licenses from your account. Payments for your subscription can be made directly to TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. via credit card, PayPal, Telegraphic Transfer or through our authorized resellers worldwide. Payment Policy
  Q 20. Is there any installation cost involved?
  A If you DIY, definitely there is no cost incurred. For a simple installation of the system with all information and data available for our team to work on, there will also be no installation cost for the solution. However, if the deployment is nationwide involving various branches and a lot of time required from our team to deal with the information and data provided, an implementation fee would be imposed accordingly.
  Q 21. How is the calculation done?
  A The subscription price is per user/month basis and sold based a block of 10 user licenses. For example, one user license is RM5 per month, therefore for 1 block, the calculation would be 10 user x RM5 x 1 month = RM50. The billing cycle options available are 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Thus, a 3-month subscription total is RM150, 6-month is RM300 and a year is RM600.
  Q 22. Are there any additional benefits if we subscribed to a longer period like 2 years?
  A Yes. During this Combat Covid-19 period we have a promotion where you are entitled to a free infrared thermometer worth RM300 when you subscribed the solution for 2 years. However, the promotion is valid in Malaysia only.